Dragon Ball Super” is currently rolling its Tournament of Power with Universes 9 and 10 already annihilated by the Omni-King after. Over the weekend, Tenshinhan has been eliminated after Hermila from Universe 2 released a huge energy blast, leaving him ousted of the battle arena. He’s the second warrior to get eliminated from team Universe 7 following Krillin’s embarrassing but stunning defeat. Earlier last month, a Reddit user deep-dived on a possible U7 order of elimination of its warriors and it seems he is correct.

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However, there is another fan-made theory that suggests a different U7 warrior will soon be eliminated [VIDEO].

Another theory of U7 Warriors’ order of elimination

A Dragon Ball Super fan took to Twitter showing a screenshot [VIDEO] from the anime’s animation reel of its current Universal Survival Arc with the sequence starting from Krillin to Tenshinhan, and the third is Vegeta.

Fans started to wonder whether or not the order hints the Universe 7’s order of elimination in the Tournament of Power. The screencap also shows Androids 17 and 18 after Vegeta while Piccolo, Master Roshi, and Frieza follow. Apparently, the father and son duo, Goku and Gohan are shown fighting side-by-side, which means that the two of them will be the final warriors to champion their home.

Is Vegeta the next warrior to get eliminated?

If this “Dragon Ball Super” theory turns to be correct, then we can expect that the prince of all Saiyans is going bye-bye soon. Some fans though doubt if the theory is correct especially that the upcoming episode will not focus on Vegeta but on Master Roshi. It can be recalled when the Turtle Hermit almost welcomed by death in last week’s episode when he released a massive Kamehameha on Ganos.

If the old master is the next focus in the next episode again, then, the other theory of U7’s order of elimination might be correct.

A different theory

Last month, another “Dragon Ball Super” fan suggested another theory. The second opening of the anime showing the Universe 7 warriors holding Dragon Balls is something that hints the order of elimination of team Universe 7. Krillin was seen carrying the one-starred DB while Tenshinhn holds the two-starred item. They were followed by Master Roshi who was holding the three-starred item.

Master Roshi is expected to release his Evil Containment Wave in the upcoming “Dragon Ball Super” episode against Frost from Universe 6. We know that the technique can put his life in yet another danger. That said, it can also mean that he is the next U7 warrior to get eliminated. What do you think?