Dragon Ball Super” tournament of Power already had two universes, 9 and 10 annihilated by the Omni-King after their defeat from the hands of the warriors from team Universe 7. Thanks to Piccolo, Gohan, Goku, Vegeta and Master Roshi, the battle royal is now down to six remaining teams. There are a lot of tournament rules set in place by the Zen-Oh, including the prohibition of killings and bringing of weapons. However, there’s a theory that one of the rules might be changed soon given the heart-rending event that happened last weekend about the Turtle Hermit.


Will the Zen-Oh decide to change some of the rules anytime soon?

The tournament rules might be changed

According to some Dragon Ball Super experts and contributors, the Zen-Oh might go bored with the flow of the Tournament of Power and will decide to change some of its rules. Killing and using weapons are apparently not allowed, but last week’s episode might have inspired him to allow it in the tournament. Master Roshi almost died after his battle against Ganos from Universe 4, whom he successfully defeated.

Fortunately, Goku revived him using the Saiyan’s Godly Ki. The Turtle Hermit apparently used some sort of a bottle to seal Ganos using his Evil Containment Wave.

Weapons are not allowed

Technically, it’s not allowed in “Dragon Ball Super” Tournament of Power and Quitela, the God of Destruction of Universe 4 even complained about it. The Zen-Ohs found this fighting technique amusing and did not intercede Master Roshi. Breaking the rules in the tournament means automatic disqualification and annihilation.


However, the fact they did not do it to the Turtle Hermit, it can only mean that they will possibly change the tournament rules soon. Beerus has previously said that the Zen-Ohs are unpredictable and this might happen again in the deadly martial arts tournament.

How will Goku debut his new form?

Fans have been treated by “Dragon Ball Super” with Goku’s brand new transformation showing his white-blue aura with his infamous spiked-hair although the color remains black. Everyone is now wondering how he would transform into the yet to be named Super Saiyan form although it might still be through anger.

He is known for tapping into different SS transformation and the Zen-Oh might be interested to see Goku fight in his new form that is said to be violent as what the Saiyan race used to be. Some fans suggest that the terrible thing that will happen soon could be the death of one of the U7 Warriors, which might enrage Goku.