‘"Dragon Ball Super" is known for its powerful characters. The next big thing that fans can look forward to in Dragon Ball Super” is the official Tournament of Power event. It was revealed in the last episode that a new fighter is expected to join the league. The show-runners have promised that this mystery fighter is going to be unlike any other.

According to a report by Death Rattle Sport, the intensity of on-going events in “Dragon Ball Super” have led fans to believe that they might be headed toward the end of this season.


At the same time, there are theories that suggest that the show will continue through November at the very least. This news comes across as slightly strange for many.

The upcoming one-hour special

The series’ special one-hour episode will premiere on October 8. If one were to assume that the show will last until November, then that would add one month until the show’s conclusion. Given where things are headed in the series right now, it is very hard to imagine the writers coming up with imaginative content.

The one-hour telecast on October 8 is expected to address the much-awaited battle between Goku and Jiren. According to a report by Comicbook, the fight’s results will decide the fate of all universes. Fans had initially assumed that the official Tournament of Power event would come to an end on October 8. This clearly doesn’t appear to be the case. The widespread reports stating that the show is going to last until November do not indicate that the season's end will come in October.

Damom, the mystery fighter

A recent post on Reddit revealed the "Dragon Ball Super" calendar for 2018.


The listing spoke about key information regarding Universe 4. It was suggested that Universe 4 is going to consist of an alien character called Damom.

It is being believed that this alien character is the same as the one who will enter the Tournament of Power. The character has been described by publications as a “cicada” warrior who has insect origins.

He boasts a unique ability that allows him to become invisible. This is one of the best skills he has. Damom can use invisibility and trick his opponent into losing.

The Reddit post was also accompanied by “Dragon Ball Super” artwork. Needless to say, the character is portrayed as being extremely fierce. The poster also consists of Gamisaras, who is believed to be Damom’s twin. Information about both their associations is not known yet.