The latest episode of theDragon Ball Super” anime series recently aired and it featured more fights than the ongoing Universe Survival Saga arc usually does. The new episode revealed the several ongoing fights between various opponents all over the arena of the Tournament of Power but there were two highlighted battles, which featured fighters from the main team.

With the Tournament of Power drawing near to its end, which will most likely still take a while, the strong opponents left in the arena are getting eliminated one by one. Two universes have already been annihilated and the recent episode has turned the tables, finally revealing one team in the lead.


Universe 7 takes the lead

Son Goku’s team finally did it as Universe 7 is finally in the lead after eliminating one of Universe 6’s warriors. In Dragon Ball Super” episode 108, Universe 6’s very own devious fighter, Frost went up against Son Gohan and Frieza.

Unfortunately for Frost, he was just not strong enough to go up against Frieza, with whom he shares the same race. To make things worst for Universe 6, Frieza teamed up with Gohan so they can take down Frost.

With Frost dropping out of the Tournament of Power, Universe 7 and Universe 6 no longer share the lead as the latter only has six warriors left in the arena.

Beerus’ universe is now the team with the most surviving warriors. Frost was also eventually erased by Zen-Oh when he attempted to attack Frieza from the spectators' stands.

Who’s in danger?

The rules of the Tournament of Power dictate that the universe which the last man standing belongs to, will win but in if the battle royal ends with more than one warrior surviving, then the team with the most surviving warriors will be declared the winner and their universe will be spared from annihilation.

With Universe 6 dropping to second place after losing Frost, they are now in danger of getting obliterated along with the rest of the teams trailing behind Team Universe 7.

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However, for the sake of score recap, here’s the current rankings of the rest of the teams.

As of “Dragon Ball Super” episode 108, Team Universe 3 shares the second place with Universe 6 as these two teams have six warriors left in the tournament. Universe 2 dropped to third place after Frieza eliminated Jimeze. Universe 2 might see another change in their roster in the next episode as Goku and Rebrianne are going up against each other.

Team Universe 4 is at fourth place with four warriors left, while Team Universe 11 is last with just three of the strongest Pride Troopers left.

Universe 9 and Universe 10 were annihilated shortly after all their participating warriors were eliminated.