The latest episode of the Dragon Ball Super” anime series will be out in few hours, so here’s a quick recap on how the remaining participating universes are doing in the action-packed Tournament of Power.

The Universe Survival Saga kicked off last year but the main event, which is the tournament, just started months ago. With just half an hour left before the battle royal officially ends, a couple of universes have already been annihilated and a handful of fighters from various teams have already been eliminated.

Who’s in the lead?

It wasn’t too long ago when Universe 7 lost their second warrior, Tien Shinhan, who sacrificed himself to take down an annoying opponent. In Dragon Ball Super” episode 107, Team Universe 7 had another one of their fighters eliminated.


The old Turtle Hermit, Master Roshi, voluntarily dropped out of the Tournament of Power after reaching his limit. With Master Roshi’s loss, Universe 7 has seven remaining warriors.

Universe 6, who was the culprit in eliminating Master Roshi, also lost another warrior. Auta Magetta was eliminated by Vegeta shortly after he was released from Frost’s vengeful plan, which trapped the Saiyan Prince in Master Roshi’s seal made from the Evil Containment Wave technique.

The two universes have each lost a warrior and they are still in the lead at the ongoing battle royal. Being the teams on the top of the ranks, they are deemed to be safe and have the highest possibility of surviving.

Who’s in danger?

Because of the rules imposed by the Omni King and the Grand Priest in the Tournament of Power, the rest of the teams who are below Universe 7 and Universe 6’s ranks are automatically at the risk of getting annihilated.


They may still be in the tournament but once the time runs out, the team with the most warriors still within the arena will be proclaimed winner.

After the events in “Dragon Ball Super” episode 107, there are a total of 33 warriors left competing in the Tournament of Power. Team Universe 3 has seven warriors left, which puts them in second place.

Team Universe 2 shares the second spot with Universe 3 after the latter lost one of their robot warriors in a fight against the Pride Troopers. Team Universe 4 has four warriors left and the gods of destruction watching at the sides are wary of them because two of Universe 4’s warriors haven’t been seen yet.

Team Universe 11 are the team with the least number of warriors left.


However, their gods are confident that the three remaining warriors, which consist of the top three Pride Troopers, can still turn the tables and make Universe 11 survive the Tournament of Power.