Dragon Ball Super” is already in the middle of its Universal Survival Arc, which kicked off in February 2017 with two losing universes being erased from their existence by the Omni-King. The highly-anticipated fight between Jiren The Grey of Universe 11 and Goku of U7 is expected to air during the anime’s one-hour special on October 8. Everyone expected that this would be the conclusion of the Tournament of Power. However, it looks like the deadly battle royal will last until a month after the one-hour TV special [VIDEO].

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When will Tournament of Power ends?

Recently, a Japanese magazine features the one-hour TV special of “Dragon Ball Super,” which somehow gave a clue that the ultimate battle royal will end until November 2017.

This came as a surprise to most fans especially that Goku and Jiren’s upcoming battle is set to air during the TV special in October. That’s apparently one month after the highly-anticipated fight. The magazine scan as pictured below shows a green arrow, which can be seen underneath says “Tournament of Power” and “DBS” with a November date in it.

The battle royal gets more exciting

Although there is no confirmation whether or not it’s the final timeline for "Dragon Ball Super" battle royal, fans were thrilled with the idea that the deadly martial arts tournament is not ending too soon. There is no telling as to when the Universal Survival Arc would end, but given the possible timeline of its Tournament of Power, it might also conclude by the end of the year. There is no other information either that the magazine scan says, but it’s highly possible that there are still a lot of explosives coming even after Goku and Jiren’s fight in October.

So, everyone should expect more tear-jerking events in the hit anime series soon especially that there are theories that the Zen-Oh might change the rules in the tournament [VIDEO].

The tournament rules

Theories have it that the Zen-Oh might change the tournament rules in “Dragon Ball Super” anytime soon given the unexpected event that happened last weekend. Master Roshi used a bottle to seal Ganos away with his Evil Containment Wave, which put his life in danger after using it. Bringing or using any weapons in the battle arena as well as killings is not allowed in the tournament, but that might change soon. The Zen-Oh did not intervene when the Turtle Hermit did it because they found such technique amusing. If there will be more fighting techniques that the warriors will do soon, the Zen-Ohs might let them do it for as long as it amuses them.

What do you reckon about the “Dragon Ball Super” Tournament of Power ending in November?