Since the Universe Survival Arc started in "Dragon Ball Super," the fandom has been heavily speculating about Goku's new form. Aside from Goku's new form, many fans are also talking about Gohan and the possibility of the younger Saiyan showcasing a higher power level in the Tournament of Power. One of the theories about Gohan claims that he will reach Super Saiyan Blue form. While this is not unlikely, it appears that the story is not heading that way. There are several instances in the Arc, which reveals that the younger Saiyan will not transform into Super Saiyan Blue.

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Why not go Blue or god

It is possible that Gohan will achieve a new power level in the Tournament of Power of "Dragon Ball Super." While many fans would like to see him turn Super Saiyan Blue, most likely it will not happen.

In a conversation with his father during their sparring session [VIDEO] to test his power, he was asked if he is going to transform into a Super Saiyan. Gohan did not answer the question directly; however, he said that he wants to achieve a form that was never seen before. He added that he is going to showcase a form that is different from his father.

There is a lot of potentials when a fighter transforms to Super Saiyan Blue or Super Saiyan God. The question is why would Gohan not go through the same form that both the Prince of Saiyan and his father achieved? Most likely, Gohan has discovered that there is more to his Mystic form that could give him more power than the SS form can.

Ultimate Mystic form

In Akira Toriyama’s previous interviews, he mentioned that he had Gohan in mind to replace his father as the hero of the anime series.

However, he realized the younger Saiyan could not do it, so he goes back to improving Goku. This means that the creator himself has a fondness for Gohan, which is very obvious in the series.

Among all the fighters, aside from being a Saiyan, Gohan is the only warrior that realized a Mystic form. He defeated Cell at a young age and even saved Namekians from Frieza. Toriyama also projected him as an intelligent fighter who went to the university to study totally contrasting his father. In the entire run of the series since the younger Saiyan was introduced, it seems that the creator would like to project that he has surpassed his father in all aspects.

It is worth noting that the young Saiyan has learned about achieving this form from Elder Kai who used to be the Supreme Kai. The power is ancient, which many speculate that it could be an older form of god Ki. It is possible that Gohan was able to perfect it and mastered how to channel the power. These are all speculations and many interesting twists can still happen in “Dragon Ball Super.”