The "Dragon Ball" universe changed with the incorporation of the new characters that currently have great importance. These characters are the gods of destruction [VIDEO], which continue to guard great mysteries that the fans long to know.

The first God Of Destruction to appear was Beerus, who is the god of universe 7. This deity, although unknown, was involved in the destruction of Goku's home planet, that is, the planet Vegeta [VIDEO]. Beerus ordered Frieza, who was at the time the emperor of the universe, to destroy the home of the Saiyan race.

In spite of taking the position of god of destruction, Beerus did not fulfill his duty, since his pastimes occupied the majority of his time.

These pastimes, as Whis says, were eating, sleeping, and watching anime on television. By doing this, the god of destruction of universe 7 left everything in Frieza's hands.

The god of destruction, Frieza

While Frieza did not hold the position of a god and did not possess the qualities of one, Frieza's role (despite using it for his benefit) was to destroy planets. The tyrant, in addition to destroying the planets for fun, did so in order to do the dirty work of Beerus. After this, we can affirm that Frieza, in his time as emperor of the universe, was technically the god of the destruction of the universe 7.

Frieza can become a god?

The requirements to be a god of destruction are unknown in their entirety, but we know that Frieza possesses great power and intelligence with which he can occupy this position.

We believe that the morality of an individual is no reason to rule out the possibility of being a god, making Frieza perfect for this work.

From the perspective of Frieza, we believe that he does not long to become a god since that would put him under the orders of Daishinkan and Zeno. As everyone knows, Frieza does not like being given orders, much less performing a job that is not in his plans. This character controlled the universe for years, and their customs are not the same as the angels and gods. They are in charge of keeping the universe in balance, and Frieza simply wants to do what he wants, and what benefits him. That being said, it would not be a good option to give the position of god of destruction to this character.

Personally, we believe that the current level of humans in universe seven would fall radically. Frieza would eliminate species and planets that raise the mortal level of the universe without reason, making that level well below what the king of everything asked for.

This was the most recent news from the world of "Dragon Ball."Watch the video below to see the progress of the upcoming chapter of “Dragon Ball Super," which comes to us through some leaked information about this saga.