The Tournament of Power is getting more and more intense. The remaining fighters are not in the same caliber as The Preecho was eliminated without even fighting (well except Dr. Rota). Head-on battles are also reduced, with more fighters deciding those tactics are better than trading punches with Goku or anyone else.

Episode 107 will feature one such master of deceptive fighting. Frost will spring into action in the next episode, and poor Master Roshi will be his prey. What will happen to Master Roshi? And ultimately, will Frost use a cheat?

Master Roshi will make a stand

Magetta will be used to corner Universe 7, and by the look of things, he will be preventing any help to reach Master Roshi.


It is worthy to note why Frost wouldn't just eliminate Master Roshi, just like what he did to the unsuspecting Krillin. This strengthens the theory that he is up to something, something bad for Universe 7.

Even at his current state, it was previewed that the old man will be fighting against Frost alone. It will not be that horrible if Master Roshi is in perfect shape. But with the look of things, he will need to resort to a one-chance Mafuba. It seems like Master Roshi will fail this time, as he was seen being stomped by Frost into the ground.

Odds that Frost will be cheating

There's a solid possibility that Frost will be cheating in the Tournament of Power. His cheating skills are proven to be so good that even Goku didn't notice him being cheated. Thanks to Vegeta's keen eye and good battle insights, he was able to beat Frost.

But here's the thing about Vegeta: he is an elite warrior. He usually knows what is happening on the battlefield. You can't just cheat when Vegeta is your enemy. And you know who is the very person that will be Vegeta's other side of the coin? Zeno-sama.


Even if Frost cheated in the next episode, as long as Zeno-sama will not be able to see it, he would be all clear.

Zeno-sama has no battle sense, as seen when he asked the Grand Priest what snipers are. It would be a different story if the Grand Priest will spot the cheat. No rule about cheating was presented in the Tournament of Power, so Frost might actually be going on a rampage next episode.

Vegeta and Magetta

What interests me more will be Vegeta and his fight against Magetta. There's no way that Magetta will not want revenge against Vegeta.

Vegeta is in a tight spot right now, being the next target of the cursed fan theory. The ending music video indicates the order of elimination of Universe 7 fighters. After Tien Shinhan fell, Vegeta would be the next. The confirmation of this theory will be known on the next episode.