After the epic premiere of chapter 108 of "Dragon Ball Super" and the preview of chapter 109, it has become clear that the plot is getting much more interesting from here on. At this point, less than half of the participants remain from when the tournament of power began.

Finally, the very acclaimed one-hour special will be premiering soon. In this special, Goku must use all his possible resources to face the most powerful warrior of the eleventh universe. However, according to the synopsis of the upcoming chapters, it is well known that Goku will lose the first round against Jiren since the latter is at much higher level of power.


The Secret of Vermouth

One of the scenes that has attracted much attention is the one in which Vermouth appears, the God Of Destruction of the eleventh universe who seems to be able to communicate with Jiren telepathically. At that point, the destructive deity gets close enough to communicate something important. And from that moment, hundreds of fans have been wondering what could have been the reason for both of them to communicate in the tournament of power.

The true goal

The real reason why the god of destruction and Jiren communicate mentally has been explained in the most recent official synopsis of chapter 109, which indicates that the deity would approach his strongest fighter in this way to entrust the mission of eliminating universe seven's most powerful warrior, Goku.

In other words, it will not be the Saiyan who looks for Jiren on this occasion but on the contrary. Jiren, after receiving the orders from his deity will go after the Saiyan to finish him. It is important to remember all the gods hate Beerus, so Vermouth wants to do away with him and the best way is to defeat his most important team member.

A curious fact is that the mental communication between characters is not impossible, as this would have happened previously in old chapters of the animated series.


Recall that even Goku can communicate mentally with King Kai and that he only belongs to the category "Kaio". While Vermouth is a destructive deity so his ability to communicate mentally would be superior.

In addition, Jiren has a unique ability to anticipate movements using his mind. Perhaps the telepathic ability is something related to the ability to anticipate movements.

This was the most recent news from the world of "Dragon Ball. "Watch the video below to see the progress of the upcoming chapter of “Dragon Ball Super," which comes to us through some leaked information about this saga.