A few hours ago, V Jump magazine, in charge of giving the most engaging news regarding "Dragon Ball Super," revealed great events in which the enigmatic power of the warrior Jiren was revealed.

The story of the warrior Jiren is a very surprising one. Since his childhood, Jiren has tried to achieve the power of a God of destruction. In several scenes in the tournament of power, you can see how he manages to dodge the fibers of the ground that have been launched by the-the strongest gods of the 12 universes.


Goku affirms that this power is not habitual in a warrior. Although his heart does not possess a resentment since Goku is able to feel such in the emperor Freezer who has a heart full of anger and evil.

The warrior Jiren is able to control the space and limit of time, to appear and disappear anywhere, in order to be able to harm his victim, with this can eliminate him and make him suffer to be respected. The mystery of the God of destruction, Vermouth, towards the warrior makes it possible to communicate with each other with telepathy. Few warriors have been able to see these events since meditation is needed in order to find a connection that surpasses the barrier of the light.

Jiren, an exiled god?

It really can be true for many of you "Dragon Ball Super" fans, because the power of Jiren surpasses the dimension of "Ki" and of the gods of destruction, putting his power level around that of Beerus. So far, Jiren can concentrate all his energies, which can even dodge the Genkidama's attack, causing problems for Goku who was thought to be the strongest of the entire power tournament.

The powerful attack of Jiren

The attacks of this warrior have a characteristic that no warrior has been able to overcome.


His attacks are a unification of the speed of light, as well as an energy that emanates throughout his body, causing him to not have fatigue. As a result, his body does not receive any damage and makes him prepared for an opponent who overcomes the leap of time. Jiren with his overwhelming power manages to defeat the Saiyan once.

Hit stops the fight

According to the synopsis revealed to us by this company, he concludes that the Goku is defeated by the excessive force of the warrior of Universe 11.

As a result, it makes the warrior Hit step into action, possibly to repay Goku for saving him earlier in the tournament. Then the fight centers on the assassin of Universe 6 against Jiren to finalize chapter 110 of the anime.