The latest news about upcoming episodes of "Dragon Ball Super" is surprising, as this story reveals that Goku will create a Genkidama in the special one hour chapter to be released on October 8. On this day, the episode 109 special will premiere, in which we will see many incredible events.

At first, it was thought that Goku would invoke the Genkidama because of the vast difference of powers between Goku and Jiren. It is logical that Goku opts for a technique like this since it would certainly be the trump card he could need. However, Goku could use the Genkidama energy in another way to the dismay of many fans.


The motives

The main reason why Goku could create a Genkidama is to absorb its power, as he did in the movie released in 1992 as "Dragon Ball Z: Super Android 13. " In this film, absorbing the power of the Genkidama was able to raise his power astonishingly. Goku could then use this power to rival the powerful warrior of universe 11, Jiren.


While we all know how a Genkidama is invoked, the procedure would be somewhat different from the one we are accustomed to. First, a Genkidama requires the energy of plants and living things.

However, the world of void lacks this kind of natural life. Goku would have to gather the power from his friends, these being Gohan, Piccolo, Vegeta, Android 17, Android 18 and Master Roshi. Personally, we believe that Frieza will not give his power to Goku.

Next, Goku will absorb this power for himself. In the 1992 movie "Dragon Ball Z: Super Android 13", Goku could not properly control this power. This happened because, at that time, Goku was transformed into Super Saiyan, so his heart was filled with anger, so it was very complicated to control its power.


On this occasion, Goku's pure heart will allow him to control this power to surpass its limits.

It is clear that this power will be temporary. It would be absurd if Goku absorbed all the power of this technique and managed to overcome Beerus easily since the series would lose logic. Also, we clarify that the power of Goku with the absorbed Genkidama will surpass that of Beerus and Vegetto, since the power of Vegeta and Goku will be united, adding the power of Gohan, that owns a power similar to the one of Super Saiyan God.

We can not be sure if it surpasses Jiren since we do not know his maximum power.

This was the most recent news from the world of "Dragon Ball." If more information is revealed, we will publish it immediately.