A few weeks ago, the first image of Goku's new transformation in "Dragon Ball Super" was revealed. This particular image was on his back, and at that time, it was said that Goku was "preparing" his new Transformation. Then the other side of the image was revealed with the face of Goku with silver eyes. If we are guided by what was said from the beginning, this may not be the final aspect of the transformation. Goku could simply be preparing his new state of power.


This new state does not have a different hair color as the previous transformations have had. Will we now be in the presence of a new form different from the super Saiyan god? That is, could this new transformation possess an energy level closer to that of the gods?

We do not think so.


Firstly, the manga has already stated that there is a state beyond super Saiyan blue when Vegeta is training with Whis and Beerus. In this sense, we believe that the next transformation of Goku will be the next level of god ki, ie a new phase of super Saiyan god.

However, this evolution may not be what has been presented in images and may have a change. We refer to the appearance of dark hair together with silver eyes are the beginnings of the new transformation.


This first stage would be overcoming super Saiyan blue through which Goku increases his muscle mass. Something similar happened to him in the Saiyan saga when he fought against Vegeta and the KaioKen technique to its limits.

It also makes us remember the first Super Saiyan transformation.


This being caused by the tyrannical Frieza after he killed Goku's closest friend, Krillin.

In a second stage, we believe that Goku will have silver hair, same as his eyes, but may not see this in this saga although it would be the most interesting. We say the latter because the look of Goku with only silver eyes leaked long ago and would not be too surprised if he only reveals this in the final combat with Jiren.

To conclude, we believe that this new transformation is the overcoming the super Saiyan blue, achieving a new state of the god Ki. Goku will achieve this before Vegeta despite all the efforts that the latter made to get ahead. In addition, we believe that this transformation will have two phases, the first with black hair and silver eyes and the second with silver hair keeping eyes of the same color.


We will see if our theories will match what we see in the series.

This was the most recent news from the world of "Dragon Ball." Watch the video below to see the progress of the upcoming chapter of “Dragon Ball Super," which comes to us through some leaked information about this saga.