Dragon Ball Super” will finally pit Son Goku against Jiren The Grey once the anime returns next month for its one-hour special’s back-to-back episode. The Saiyan fighter is set to debut his brand new Super Saiyan transformation while fighting the Pride Trooper. Unfortunately, the episode following their battle seems to suggest that Goku will not succeed in taking down the strongest warrior of Universe 11. Hit is being teased to step-in to go head-to-head with Jiren and theories have it that the move is an attempt to draw the muscular humanoid fighter’s attention away from Goku.


How will Goku transform?

A lot of Dragon Ball Super theories and speculations about Goku’s new transformation have been making rounds on the Internet. This includes a theory that says the form’s foundation could be the max usage of the Kaio-Ken attack. According to Comic Book, while the power-up won’t work on Jiren, it’s possible that it might temporarily alter the Saiyan’s Ki and could “level-up his Godly powers.” Additionally, the Kaio-Ken x 20 attack with an emotional trigger may be good enough to mutate his Ki that will bestow him the new powerful Kaio-Ken skill.

The dangerous outcome

However, a brand new powerful Kaio-Ken technique might not come in handy as it can cost Goku’s life if not causing him to lose his Godly form and Ki permanently. Moreover, this might be the reason why the new form makes him more vulnerable than ever. “Dragon Ball Super” fans are apparently concerned about the negative effect of this new transformation especially as Hit is set to fight Jiren. This only means that Goku falls short in beating the Pride Trooper as the new form may take a toll on him.


It might overpower him and he may not be able to handle it, which will deplete the power of The Spirit Bomb

Right at the end of the 108th episode of “Dragon Ball Super,” a short preview was featured, showing some events that will soon transpire in the climactic battle. Goku can be seen being catapulted onto the battleground, leaving a large crater as a result of Jiren’s attack. Ribrianne, the magical girl from Universe 4 was also featured fighting Goku. When the footage switches back to the two warriors, Jiren was shown staring down at Goku, who’s already charging a massive Spirit Bomb.

It looks like it doesn’t intimidate the Pride Trooper but he looks like he’s all prepared to play the game.

“Dragon Ball Super” returns on October 8 with Episodes 109 and 110 to showcase the long-awaited battle between Goku and Jiren. The anime is still on a week-long break at this time, but there will be more explosives down the road. Stay tuned!