Frieza is undoubtedly the quintessential antagonist throughout the story of "Dragon Ball." His first comeback in Resurrection F was disappointing for many of the fans. However, the frost demon has a second chance, given to him by Goku [VIDEO], to participate in the tournament of power.

While many fans were hesitant with this recruitment, we felt at ease to know that Frieza would fight together with Goku on the same team. That being said, we always expected an eventual betrayal due to his treacherous nature and questioned whether he would be a reliable ally.

Frieza's main idea is to manipulate the gods and, to make matters worse, he found a perfect ally in Frost.

The Betrayal of Frieza

Recently, summaries of the upcoming episodes were revealed telling us that Frieza will effectively betray the team of universe 7.


This synopsis, like all that is broadcast week after week, is doubted. However, the tyrant's voice actor, Ryusei Nakao, confirmed Freezer's betrayal.

Frieza's betrayal will happen in episode 108 [VIDEO]. However, for the chapter 109 special it is known that Frieza will continue in the tournament as a participant, so he will not be eliminated.

Some time ago it was mentioned that Frieza could have a fight against Toppo. As we all know, Toppo is an honorable warrior, lover of justice and respect. After seeing how the tyrant betrays his universe, he could try to stop him.

Frieza vs Toppo

The power of Toppo we have seen against Goku in SSJ Blue in Zen Exhibition Match prior to the tournament. On the other hand, the strength of Frieza was seen in his fight with Goku, where he could not defeat the evil emperor initially, while Toppo was able to give Goku a formidable battle and seemed to be in control.


Taking these things into consideration, I think that we could say Frieza is more powerful than Toppo, so he more than likely could not eliminate him from the tournament.

Another possible scenario is that Jiren himself takes charge of Frieza. An indication of this was given by the game "Dragon Ball Heroes". This game usually gives small clips of what will happen in future chapters of the original story. In one of these animations, we observe Goku, Golden Frieza and Jiren as the only 3 warriors left in the tournament. This could be an indication of how Frieza is eliminated from the tournament, being ejected from the platform at the hands of the powerful Jiren the gray.

Finally, although unlikely, some speculate that Daishinkan could erase Frieza after seeing how he betrays his universe, an act that the grand priest will not forgive. Personally, this last theory seems unlikely. If it did, it would be epic to see the multiverse's strongest character in action.