Over the weekend, Dragon Ball Super” episode 107 featured the impressive elimination of Master Roshi. He was the mentor to most of Universe 7's warriors. The Turtle Hermit fought against Frost, where he released his Mafuba or Evil Containment Wave. If Vegeta hadn't been there he could have been killed. The prince of all Saiyans asked him to get off the battle arena if he wants to live, an advice that he reluctantly agreed. Team U7 is now down to seven warriors but it looks like more fighters will soon get eliminated as the remaining teams vie for survival.


Who will survive?

Who will be the next warriors to get ousted?

After Master Roshi’s elimination, Dragon Ball Super fans are now starting to worry about the next Universe 7 fighter to get eliminated from the Tournament of Power. The upcoming episode puts Gohan into a tight spot in his impending battle against Jimeze of Universe 2. The synopsis suggests that the resurrected Frieza sets off looking for his next opponent and finds the half-Saiyan warrior cornered by the Yardrat. However, instead of helping him up, the former Emperor Of Evil smirks instead each time he sees Gohan gets knocked down by Jimeze.

Will Gohan survive?

Apparently, seeing Frieza smirking at Gohan makes the rest of the Universe7 team members believe that their long-time suspicion that he will eventually betray the team is finally coming to reality. Another synopsis of the upcoming episode of “Dragon Ball Super” also suggests that the former emperor of evil will conspire with Frost against U7 due to their hatred against the Saiyan race. We know that the resurrected villain was only revived for 24 hours throughout the duration of the Tournament of Power and it was conditional.

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If he helps team U7 win, his resurrection will be for good. However, if he betrays the team, then he can kiss his chance to live again goodbye.

Some “Dragon Ball Super” fans are concerned that Gohan might be the next warrior to get eliminated in the battle royal. Given how Frieza reacts whenever the half-Saiyan fighter gets knocked down, it’s not impossible that he will be ousted from the tournament. However, we know the power of Mystic Gohan and we’re pretty sure that he can always get even if not surpass his opponent.

Additionally, Goku isn’t someone who would just watch his team members in danger not to mention that it’s going to be his son who is in trouble.

“Dragon Ball Super” will finally pit Universe 11’s strongest fighter, Jiren The Grey against Goku during its one-hour TV special. Episodes 109 and 110 will cover the highly-anticipated fight of the tournament’s strongest fighters on October 8. Stay tuned!