Dragon Ball Super” tournament of Power is already close to its high point as the six surviving universes fight against each other to defend their respective homes against the Omni-King’s annihilation. episode 107 saw Master Roshi ousted to save himself from dying after he released his deadly Mafuba on Frost. His elimination left Universe 7 with seven fighters. Recently, a preview for the upcoming episode teased the epic battle of Gohan against the former emperors Frieza and Frost.

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Who will get eliminated next?

The next possible warriors to get ousted

Over on YouTube, the Dragon Ball Super Episode 108 preview was shared and shows Gohan telling his father that he will be the one to put a stop to the two emperors, who conspired to take down Universe 7.

Frost and Frieza have teased that they will join forces to fight against U7 due to their hatred of the Saiyan race. The half-Saiyan fighter further says that they can’t let this evil pair wander freely while they attempt to knock them down. He also tells Goku that they can’t consider Frieza an ally, as he is too ruthless.

According to a recent promo that “Dragon Ball Super” released, Universe 6 and 7 will soon have the same number of surviving warriors once Episode 109 kicks off. If this turns out to be true, then U6 might have to bid farewell to two fighters in an upcoming episode. Although it's been hinted that Frieza conspires with Frost, theories have it that he might use the latter’s life-force to live again. His resurrection would only last for 24 hours throughout the tournament, and it was also conditional.

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If he helps Universe 7 win, then he will be brought back to life.

Are Frost and Cabba the next victims?

If Frieza betrays his universal counterpart instead, then it means that Frost will be the next warrior to get eliminated from the “Dragon Ball Super” Tournament of Power. We know how wise and clever the resurrected villain is and the chance to live again is his ultimate reason why he agreed to join team U7. The preview also shows Cabba going head-to-head with Toppo, the God of Destruction of Universe 11. Goku struggled against the leader of the Pride Troopers before, and if Cabba goes too easy on him, then he might as well join Frost’s elimination from the battle royal.

“Dragon Ball Super” Episode 108 airs on September 30. Goku and Jiren’s highly-anticipated battle kicks off in Episodes 109 and 110 during the anime’s one-hour TV special. Stay tuned!