Dragon Ball Super” will finally pit Goku against Jiren The Grey during the anime’s one-hour Tv Special, which will cover its back-to-back episode. Fans have waited so long to witness the ultimate battle in the Tournament of Power between two of the strongest warriors in the universe. The Saiyan fighter is set to use his Kaio-Ken x 20 level on the Pride Trooper, but it looks like it may not work on the muscular humanoid fighter. Toppo said before that he can’t beat Jiren and even his combined powers with Goku can’t surpass the red-black warrior. However, that might briefly change as Goku is expected to debut his brand new Super Saiyan form.


Goku’s new SSB Kaio-Ken form

On Twitter, Ken Xyro shared a preview photo of Goku’s new Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-Ken form, which will be showcased when he finally fights Jiren The Grey inDragon Ball Super Episodes 109 and 110. The image features the Saiyan warrior powering up the massive energy attack called the Spirit Bomb or the Genki Dama with blue and red aura surrounding him. The energy blast is the strongest attack in the entire “DB” franchise and given how strong Jiren is, we’re pretty sure that there is a backbreaking battle down the road. After all, both warriors badly want to win the tournament to save their homes from the deadly Omni-King’s annihilation.

One-hour TV special

When “Dragon Ball Super” Episode 108 ended, the anime also gave a quick preview of the upcoming battle of Goku and Jiren. The Saiyan warrior can be seen charging a massive Genki Dama while in his SSB form on top of a mountain while Jiren stares at him, looking all prepared for the attack. Apparently, the member of the Pride Trooper is not even taken aback by Goku’s power-up and appears to be ready to fight him instead. The muscular humanoid warrior has been very quiet since he first met the Saiyan warrior when the Tournament of Power was about to commence. Fans were quick to speculate that he must have been saving all his strength for Goku.


Someone steps in to help Goku

Spoilers for “Dragon Ball Super” Episode 111 suggest that Hit might try to draw Jiren’s attention away from Goku to give the Saiyan more time to fulfill his brand new transformation. Fans can recall that the Saiyan warrior helped Hit when the Universe 6 warrior was cornered by Dyspo and Kunshi. Perhaps, he is returning Goku the favor after he was saved by the Saiyan when he was in a tight spot.

It sounds like there is another alliance happening soon.

The “Dragon Ball Super” one-hour TV special is slated to air on October 8. We will also learn the name of Goku’s brand new Super Saiyan form. Stay tuned!