Recently, Dragon Ball Super” fans were disappointed by the rumors that Vegeta might be the next Universe 7 warrior to be eliminated in the Tournament of Power. There is one crucial reason why fans don’t want him to get eliminated just yet and that’s because the prince of all Saiyans still plays an important role in the battle royal. Master Roshi is slated to release his Evil Containment Wave in the tournament and theories have it that Vegeta will be the casualty of this technique. A set of new synopsis was released earlier today and it’s about the hot-headed Saiyan.

Will Vegeta survive?

Todd Blankenship was quick to share his English translation for the synopsis of the upcoming episode of Dragon Ball Super,” which suggests that Vegeta will be sealed away through Master Roshi’s Evil Containment Wave. Luckily, it’s not the Turtle Hermit’s doing but Frost redirects the attack to the prince of all Saiyans, leaving him sealed in the old master’s technique. “Over half the contestants have dropped out at the Tournament of Power, and two universes have vanished. As the battle for survival continues, Frost seeks his chance for revenge against Vegeta.


Using the Mufaba which the Turtle Hermit fires at Magetta, Frost seems to successfully seal Vegeta away, but…”

Vegeta will not be eliminated

Looking at the synopsis of “Dragon Ball Super,” it looks like Frost still holds a grudge against Vegeta and will use the Evil Containment Wave to seal the prince of all Saiyans away. Contrary to the rumors that the hot-headed Saiyan will get eliminated, the fact is, he will be sealed away, thanks to Master Roshi. Hopefully, the Turtle Hermit will be able to release him as soon as possible. Otherwise, Universe 7 will have to deal with the tournament without Vegeta and that doesn’t sound good.


Evil Containment Wave

“Dragon Ball Super” fans know that Master Roshi’s Evil Containment Wave has featured in the franchise many times and many fighters have used this before. Unfortunately, it requires a lot of energy and the user may not survive after releasing the attack. According to some experts, the Turtle Hermit may not be able to survive due to his old age but we are hoping to see him alive. Another theory also suggests that the Turtle Hermit might be the next warrior to get eliminated.

Now that it’s confirmed that Vegeta will not be eliminated, it’s possible that the old master is next in line.

What do you reckon? Do you think that Master Roshi will survive after using his Evil Containment Wave in the upcoming episode of "Dragon Ball Super"? Will he be able to release Vegeta from being sealed?