Can you imagine your favorite Dragon Ball Super” hero to get eliminated in the tournament of Power? Perhaps you can’t, especially when the anime is not yet in the last final moments of its battle royal. There have been a lot of theories regarding the order of elimination for team Universe 7, but the latest seemed to agree with the synopsis that was recently released. U7 already lost Krillin and Tenshinhan to Frost and Hermila, leaving the team with eight remaining warriors.

If you are a fan of Vegeta, then you should prepare for a heart-rending episode that might showcase his defeat in the tournament [VIDEO].

Is Vegeta the next warrior to get eliminated?

FujiTV recently dropped the synopsis of the next episode of Dragon Ball Super that suggests Frost will attack Goku and his comrades, but he is targeting Vegeta and Master Roshi [VIDEO].


“He targets [the] Turtle Hermit and Vegeta. The result of this battle is…!?” reads the synopsis. In episode 108, the description says that the U6 warrior is looking for his next casualties, but the prince of all Saiyans was not mentioned. Apparently, the description already had fans buzzing that Frost has probably taken Vegeta out from the Tournament of Power.

How will Frost defeat Vegeta?

Some “Dragon Ball Super” fans suggest that since Master Roshi is set to release his Evil Containment Wave in the upcoming episode, Frost might use it against Vegeta. The said technique will seal an opponent away, but Frost might redirect this attack to have the prince of all Saiyans sealed instead. Apparently, the entire fandom finds it disappointing that Vegeta would be the next Universe 7 warrior to get eliminated in the Tournament of Power.


Most of them believe that it would be too early for the warrior to get defeated given that there are still eight of them in the team.

Order of elimination theory

Earlier last month, a theory about “Dragon Ball Super” Tournament of Power surfaced on Reddit that suggests the order of elimination of team Universe 7. The theory was based on the second opening shot of the current Universal Survival Arc that features the U7 Warriors carrying Dragon Balls. Krillin can be seen holding the one-starred DB while Tenshinhan holds the two-starred item. We know that they were the first two U7 warriors that were eliminated.

However, holding the three-starred Dragon Ball is Master Roshi, which can also mean that he might be the next Universe 7 warrior to get eliminated. The upcoming “Dragon Ball Super” episode is expected to focus on the Turtle Hermit and not on Vegeta, but we can’t be sure at this time. Hopefully, there will be no more U7 fighter to get eliminated too soon.