Last week, we almost lost Master Roshi during his battle against Ganos from universe 4 in Dragon Ball Super” Tournament of Power. After releasing a massive Kamehameha, which finally took down Ganos, the Turtle Hermit collapsed and nearly died (or he died), but Goku went to his rescue. The Saiyan fighter used his God Ki to revive his old mentor and thankfully, it was successful and we got the old master back. However, the upcoming episode synopsis teases that Frost will target the Turtle Hermit and it’s been also teased that he will use his Evil Containment Wave technique. We know that this could result in ending his life.


Will we finally bid goodbye to the Turtle Hermit?

Over on Twitter, Todd Blankenship shared his English translation of the synopsis of Dragon Ball Super episode 107 titled ‘Revenge ‘F’! A Cunning Trap is Laid?!’ The description says that the Kaioshin Fuwa orders Frost to defeat one of the Universe 7 Warriors, which he agreed right away. “Frost readily agrees to this order, on the conditions that if Universe 6 wins, then his crimes will be forgiven and he will receive financial aid for starting up his business again,” reads the synopsis.

“Frost immediately goes after the Turtle Hermit.”

Apparently, Frost is going to attack Master Roshi in “Dragon Ball Super” Episode 107. It can be recalled when he also knocked Krillin out of the battle arena when he caught him off guard. This time though, the Turtle Hermit might use Mafuba or known as Evil Containment Wave on him, but we know that it will put his life in danger. Most fighters who have used this technique died because of too much energy taken out from the user’s body. We know that his old age might not overcome the energy that the technique demands.


The order of elimination theory

Looking back at the earlier “Dragon Ball Super” theory about the Universe 7 Warriors order of elimination, it’s possible that Master Roshi will be the next U7 fighter to get eliminated or worse, get killed. A Reddit user based his theory on the second opening shot of the anime’s Universal Survival Arc featuring the U7 Warriors holding dragon balls. Krillin was holding the one-starred item while Tenshinhan carried two-starred. The Turtle Hermit followed them with the three-starred item.

We all know that Krillin was the first Universe 7 warrior to get eliminated in the "Dragon Ball Super" Tournament of Power. Tenshinhan got eliminated next. Master Roshi is the focus of the anime’s upcoming episode, which can also mean that it might be the last time that we see the Turtle Hermit in action. What do you reckon?