When, in a risky move, Goku opted to recruit Frieza in Dragon Ball Super's” Tournament of Power, many of his comrades were reluctant due to the fact that the former Emperor Of Evil is their enemy. However, it was the option that Goku had, and he immediately asked Fortuneteller Baba to resurrect Frieza for 24 hours so he could join the deadly martial arts tournament. Since his participation with team Universe 7, there have been speculations that he will betray the team. It didn’t happen just yet, but the latest unofficial synopsis for episode 108 teases that Frieza might betray his team.

Will Frieza betray Universe 7?

Dragon Ball Super episode 108 is titled ‘Frieza and Frost! Intersecting Evil?!’ The synopsis hints that the former emperor of evil grins whenever Gohan gets knocked down in battle.


It also states that Frieza is searching for his next enemy to fight in the battle arena.

“Meanwhile, Gohan is having a tough fight against Jemez,” reads the synopsis obtained by Todd Blankenship from 2chan. “Seeing Frieza watch and smirk as Gohan gets knocked around, the Universe 7 team have the uneasy feeling that he has betrayed them,” he continues.

The possibilities

Given Frieza’s history against Goku, “Dragon Ball Super” fans believe that it’s not impossible that he will betray team Universe 7. He was Goku’s archenemy and the reason for the Saiyan fighter’s arrival on Earth. He was feared for his power and ruthlessness, where he controlled his own army during his time as an emperor in the universe.


The producers have teased that there will be terrible things happening soon in the Tournament of Power and this might be one of them. After all, Frieza is one of the main antagonists in the franchise, and betraying Goku and his team wouldn’t be too much of a surprise.

Frieza and Frost

We can also notice that the title for “Dragon Ball Super” episode 108 literally mentions Frieza and Frost’s names. Does this mean that these two universal counterparts will conspire against team Universe 7? We know that they have similarities in a lot of ways, and Frieza was even surprised when they first met that another emperor looks like him. Despite being surprised, they smiled and talked to each other.

We also know that Frieza is a narcissist and Frost is simply heartless.


This means that they might not have developed a deeper friendship because both of them are incapable of feeling mutual attachments. However, this is not enough for them not to conspire in the “Dragon Ball Super” Tournament of Power. After all, Frieza will always be Frieza – good ‘ole Frieza!