A fighting game may have just leaked Son Goku's Super Saiyan Blue Kaio Ken form. The fandom is well aware by now that the hero will be pitted against Universe 11's Jiren in the coming weeks in "Dragon Ball Super."

'Heroes' is at it again

An image from Bandai's "Dragon Ball Heroes" came out recently and it featured Son Goku's Super Saiyan Blue form that is further buffed with 20 times the protagonist's Kaio Ken. It may look the same when compared to the regular SS Blue form. However, additional screenshots of the game may have provided hints on what Kakarot might do in episodes 109 and 110.


In the promotional photos, the Saiyan is covered with his bluish green aura alongside the massive red outer glow from his jacked up Kaio Ken. There's even an image of him gathering huge amounts of ki. The succeeding photo showed the hero successfully formed as the Spirit Bomb (Genki Dama).

"Dragon Ball Heroes" player base might remember that it has showcased/hinted "DBS" characters weeks before they were introduced in the anime.

Super Saiyan Blue Son Goku was first tipped in the game right before the new form was formally introduced in "Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection 'F'' back in 2015. Jiren's name was also mentioned in the game, as was Vegeta and Goku's fusion during the Goku Black arc.

History repeating itself

If the protagonist's form progressions are anything to go by, anime pundits were given the impression that Son Goku's impending match against Jiren somewhat mimics the events when the Saiyan battled Frieza in "Dragon Ball Z." It can be recalled that he scuppered the alien threat by using his base form.


he then moved up by performing the Kaio Ken, and ultimately unleashed his Super Saiyan form.

Meanwhile, episode 108 of "Dragon Ball Super" was indeed something, as it featured a very clever plan being carried out by Frieza. He made Universe 6's Frost to believe that he'd be a turncoat and join the equally deceitful space pirate.

However, the big surprise came when Frieza gave the best sucker punch in the tournament so far by releasing an energy blast that instantly sent Frost to the bleachers.

Infuriated with what happened, Frost attempted to retaliate by releasing an energy beam aimed towards Frieza. Before he could even release it, Zeno vaporized the scheming participant as attacks coming from the spectator's area are outlawed.

The one-hour special

The preview for episode 109-110 promises to be more intense as the long-awaited match between Jiren and Son Goku is bound to commence. There was even a scene where Goku drops the Genki Dama towards Jiren, though the ace combatant of Universe 11 is believed to deflect it with ease.


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