The synopsis for Episode 107 of “Dragon Ball Super” was recently released online giving fans a better picture of what to expect in the upcoming show. This weekend, the fan-favorite anime series is on hiatus to give way to TV specials about Japan’s history. The regular programming will be back on September 17.

The upcoming episode will star the Prince of Saiyan, Vegeta. Fans have been aching to see this stubborn Prince in action at the Tournament of Power. Unlike other fighters who have already starred in one episode or more, fans seldom see Vegeta in action. However, it seems that this is not going to be the case anymore.



Titled “Revenge ‘F’! A Cunning Trap Is Laid?!” the synopsis was translated by the ever-reliable Todd Blankenship. It reveals that more than half of the total contestants in the Tournament of Power of “Dragon Ball Super” were already eliminated. There are a couple of universes totally annihilated by the Omni-King and 32 minutes remain before the tournament ends.

In this episode, fans will see one of the Universe6’s fighters-Frost laying out his trap against no other than the Prince of Saiyan.

The synopsis discloses that the Frieza look-alike warrior will use the opportunity to execute his revenge against Vegeta. Frost will use the Mufaba or the Evil Containment Wave Technique against the Prince of Saiyan. In the previous episode, fans saw this technique performed by Muten Roshi against Magetta. The synopsis indicates that Frost was able to trap Vegeta using the technique.

While there was previous speculation that the Prince of Saiyan would be eliminated in the Tournament of Power, it appears that he will face another distasteful fate in this episode first.


While it is not revealed if he successfully escaped the trap, the term BUT in the synopsis could indicate that he was able to escape from it. It is only possible if the one who initiated the technique properly seal it.

One hour TV special

Many fans would like to see the Prince of Saiyan fight against Hit in the Tournament of Power. Meanwhile, Episodes 109 and 110 will air on October 8 and will showcase the highly anticipated fight between two of the most powerful fighters in the multiverse—Goku and Jiren.

Early spoilers claim that Goku’s 20 times Kaio-Ken will not work with Pride Trooper’s ace fighter. As a result, Goku will use his trump card—the Spirit Bomb. Things are getting more exciting as the Tournament of Power in “Dragon Ball Super” continues.