The climax of the Tournament of Power in the Universe Survival Arc of “Dragon Ball Super” is fast approaching. However, there are still a lot of warriors from other participating universes that are in the arena. Fans bid goodbye to Muten Roshi after he almost had himself killed fighting Frost and saving Vegeta. In the latest spoilers, it appears that there are two fighters from Universe6 that will be eliminated in the Tournament of Power. Reportedly, it will be Cabba and Frost.

Latest spoilers

A new preview for the upcoming episode of “Dragon Ball Super” is recently released.


Episode 108 will turn the spotlight to the younger Saiyan Gohan. Fans are ecstatic that the brave fighter will now get another exposure following several brief fights in the previous episodes. This time the Saiyan will battle against two fan-favorite villainsFrost and Frieza.

In the previous promo of the anime series, it was revealed that Universe6 and 7 will have the same number of fighters when the special episode composed of 109 and 110 airs. With Muten Roshi and Tein Shinhan getting eliminated, Universe6 has two more fighters in the tournament will have to be eliminated to be at par with Universe7. That is of course if the previous promo is to go by.

Two fighters eliminated

In the preview, there is a scene which shows Cabba falling after getting hit by Toppo. While many candidates could be eliminated from Universe6, most fans speculate that one of them is Cabba. In the entire run of the Tournament of Power, there were only several instances where fans saw Caulifla’s mentor engage in battle.

One was just a confrontation with Vegeta, and the other one will be in the upcoming episode. Fans will be a bit disappointed if the speculations about him getting eliminated in this episode turn out to be accurate.


As a Super Saiyan and the mentor of Caulifla and the Berserker Kale more is expected from the fighter.

Aside from Cabba, another fighter from Universe6 that fans think will be eliminated is the cheater Frost. Some fans predict that most likely, Frost will betray Frieza in their fight against Gohan that will enrage the villain and transform into his golden form. He will then send Frost out of the arena.

It is also possible that Frieza betrays Frost eliminates him in the tournament easily with Gohan’s help.

There are also others claiming that Gohan will beat the cheating Frost and kick him out of the Tournament of Power. At this point, it is hard to tell who drops out and who stays.

The battle between the three powerful fighters is expected to be short given that it precedes the special episodes. Episode 108 of “Dragon Ball Super” will air on September 24. Meanwhile, you can check out the latest preview below.