The latest episode of theDragon Ball Super” animated series aired last weekend and the new episode revealed new losses for three universes participating in the dreaded Tournament of Power. Here’s a quick recap on the fighters who just got eliminated and the current ranking of the teams.

The Universe Survival Saga arc of the anime series kicked off last year but the main event, which is the Tournament of Power, just started a couple of months ago. The tournament has already seen two universes annihilated, but the battle is still far from over.


The annihilated universes

Universe 9 saw an early annihilation when their team became the first one to be eliminated from the tournament. Their last three warriors, who were the Trio de Dangers brothers, were eliminated by Team Universe 7’s Saiyans; Son, Goku, and Vegeta.

Universe 10 is the latest one to be obliterated from existence after their team was completely eliminated. Coincidentally, fighters from Universe 7 also brought down Universe 10’s last two fighters, which brought them to their untimely demise.

Who’s safe?

As ofDragon Ball Super” episode 106, both Universe 6 and Universe 7 have already suffered two casualties but they remain as the top contending universes, who are currently tied as each of their team has eight fighters left. Universe 6 recently lost Dr. Rota while Goku's team lost Tien Shinhan.

The main purpose of the Tournament of Power is to figure out the strongest universe, which will be determined by who is the last man standing. In the event, the individual matchups end because of time running out, the universe with the most number of surviving warriors will win the match and will be spared from extinction.


Who’s in danger?

Technically, the rest of the surviving teams who are below the ranks of Universe 6 and Universe 7 are at the risk of getting annihilated. However, each universe still has a fighting chance so long as one of their warriors remain alive in the arena.

Universe 2 suffered two casualties in “Dragon Ball Super” episode 106 when their warriors, Hermilla and Prum, were eliminated by Tien Shinhan and Vegeta, respectively. Universe 2 dropped to fourth place from third now that they have only six warriors left.

Universe 3 gets bumped up to third since their seven remaining warriors have managed to survive in the last episode. Universe 4 remains second to the last in the standings as they have already had six fighters drop out.

Universe 11, which is home to the highly acclaimed Pride Troopers, are still in last with only three of their heroes left. Despite being on the verge of getting annihilated, they are still confident that they will win with Jiren still fighting in the arena.