The latest episode of Dragon Ball Super” has yet to air this weekend but it seems like things aren’t looking good for Son Goku’s team. The official preview for the next episode revealed that Master Roshi might just be eliminated next and it might just turn out to be the most emotional elimination.

It has been a while since the Tournament of Power kicked off in the anime series’ current arc, which is the Universe Survival Saga. The battle royal already saw the annihilation of two universes but the main team, which is from Universe 7, is on the verge of experiencing a losing streak.


Tien Shinhan makes a sacrifice

It has been a while since Team Universe 7 lost their first warrior, Krillin, who was unexpectedly eliminated by Universe 6’s devious warrior, Frost. Unfortunately, in “Dragon Ball Super” Episode 106, Universe 7 incurred another loss after Tien Shinhan took one for the team.

Just as when the spotlight has finally been given to Tien Shinhan, the devoted martial artist suddenly gets eliminated after using his clone technique, which drastically depleted his stamina and power.

He made three clones of himself and used them to aid his teammates in pinpointing the locations of two troublesome warriors from Universe 2.

Tien Shinhan eventually located Universe 2’s sniper named Hermila and even unveiled the tag team technique the sniper used with his fellow fighter, Prum. Shortly after confronting Hermila, Tien Shinhan was sent flying off the arena after taking a huge blow, but he made sure that he wasn’t going down alone as his clones jump off the arena with Hermila in their clutches.


Master Roshi to die again?

The official preview forDragon Ball Super” Episode 107 teased Master Roshi’s upcoming fight as one of the highlights. The old Turtle Hermit was recently revived after using his risky special technique called the Evil Containment Wave, and it was an emotional scene for the characters.

The said technique took a toll on the old martial artist’s body even though he was definitely the most valuable player in “Dragon Ball Super” Episode 105 for consecutively eliminating three warriors from Universe 4. However, in the new teaser, it seems like Master Roshi will be using the Evil Containment Wave technique once again, and he might not survive it this time.

In the teaser for “Dragon Ball Super” Episode 107, Goku and Krillin are seen in despair once again as they try to convince Master Roshi from using the deadly technique. However, it seems like the Turtle Hermit will have to make the ultimate sacrifice to help his comrades win the Tournament of Power.

If Master Roshi bites the dust in the next episode, this will mean another loss for Universe 7. Even if he doesn’t die from his technique, he is still in danger of getting eliminated because he is currently terribly weakened, becoming an easy target for their opponents.