Dragon Ball Super” fans are looking forward to the October 8 episode. According to a report by Comicbook, the “Universal Survival” competition is scheduled to take Place in next week’s one-hour-long sequence. This is the ultimate climax segment as the battle between Goku and Jiren is finally going to take place. The action cartoon series was on a brief break recently.Dragon Ball Super writers are finally back with what needs to take place next. On the basis of rumors (reported by Comicbook), something bad is going to take place before the battle between Goku and Jiren is fought.

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This assumption is based on the series of advertisements that are currently being distributed in Japan. The promo posters literally read that something “terrible” is going to take place before the battle is fought between the two characters.

This unpleasant surprise along with the ultimate fight will all be carried along in the hour-long segment.

What do reports suggest?

Media publications have tried reaching out to “Dragon Ball Super” [VIDEO] writers to get an idea of what exactly they are referring to. However, there hasn’t been any clarification on the matter as yet. Fans have started churning up their own theories. Many are led to assume that Goku might meet his end. But since it reads, something terrible is going to happen before the battle, this might be far from the truth. “Dragon Ball Super” expert, Todd Blankenship took to Twitter to share his version of what “terrible” means.

According to Blankenship, by “terrible,” the show-runners simply mean that something unexpected is going to take place. Some fans have stated that this “terrible” incident might disrupt the battle altogether.

The battle between Goku and Jiren is essentially taking place after the latter discovered of Goku’s true identity. Up till now, Jiren did not know that Goku was the God Of Destruction in his Universe. After discovering this, Jiren was quick to make a move on the God of Destruction.

"Damon" character

Meanwhile, a recent post on Reddit revealed "Dragon Ball Super" [VIDEO] Calendar for 2018. The listing spoke about key information regarding Universe 4. It was suggested that Universe 4 is going to consist of an alien character called “Damom.” It is being believed that this alien character is the same as the one who will enter the Tournament of Power event. There isn’t much to know about Damom. The character has been described by publications as a “cicada” warrior belonging to the insect origins. He boasts of a unique ability which allows him to become invisible. This is one of the best skills he has. Damom can use invisibility and trick the opponent into losing.