The highly-anticipated epic fight that will be featured in the upcoming one-hour special of “Dragon Ball Super” is heavily speculated. Fans have come up with their own speculations and theories about the upcoming climactic battle that will mark as the pinnacle of the Tournament of Power. Recently, a new synopsis has been revealed for Episodes 109 and 110. While the content is already known to most fans, there are several interesting details that further hype the upcoming two-part event. One is about Vegeta getting the surprise of his life.


Astounded by the power

The Prince of Saiyan is one of the many characters of “Dragon Ball Super” that has its own fan base. Vegeta is personified as a brave, powerful and oozing with pride character. Being the Prince of all Saiyans, it is very hard to impress him. In the entire run of the franchise, there were only a few moments when fans saw Vegeta do something kind or appreciate something. His sarcasm overflows, and he always thinks highly of himself.

However, in the latest spoiler for the upcoming one-hour special, it was revealed that Vegeta was surprised by Jiren Gray’s power.

According to the recently released spoiler, the fighter from Universe11 was able to survive Goku’s Kiaoken times 20 and his Super Saiyan Blue form. Most likely, the Prince of all Saiyans never expected that Jiren would have that amount power and strength. Seeing him fight with Goku and withstand his power surprised him.

It is also possible that beyond the surprise, Vegeta feels bad that someone is stronger than Kakarot. It has been his lifetime desire to exceed Goku’s power and seeing someone stronger than his rival might have affected his ego so much.


Is the latest spoiler about the Prince hints about the 112th episode of the popular anime series?

Episode 112

In the provisional titles released several days ago, it was revealed that Episode 112 has a provisional title of “Vegeta’s Resolve.” The titles surfaced online without its accompanying synopsis, which leads fans to speculate more. Some fans believe that the title could be about Vegeta’s decision to finally perform the fusion dance and merge with Goku to produce a more powerful fighter-Gogeta.

On the other hand, fans believe that the prince of Saiyan will power down to eliminate Jiren from the Tournament of Power. Given the amount of power that Jiren the Gray has, a single attack would kill a weak fighter. According to this claim, Vegeta will lower down his power to the maximum and will catch one of Jiren’s attacks. Because he is in his lowest form, he will not be able to survive the attack and die. With the tournament’s rule that killing is not allowed, the death of the Prince of Saiyan will technical remove Jiren from the Tournament of Power.