A new set of synopses was recently released shedding more light on the upcoming episodes of “Dragon Ball Super.” It appears that another unexpected plot-twist will happen in the fan-favorite anime series. One of the synopses reveals that a coup will soon be staged by one of the fighters of Universe 7. In the entire run of the anime, fans have been speculating about the potential events happening in the upcoming episodes. The fandom is already used to several plot-twists in the series. Akira Toriyama, the anime creator is notorious for doing this.



According to the latest synopsis for the 108th episode of “Dragon Ball Super,” super villain Frieza will stage a coup against Universe 7. All the members of Universe 7 were not in favor of Goku’s decision of recruiting Freeza to fight with them in the Tournament of Power. The bad guy from hell was the last minute pick when Majin Buu went into a deep slumber.

Episode 108th is titled Frieza and Frost! Intersecting Evil?!” The synopsis was translated by Todd Blankenship and will air on September 24.

In this episode, fans will see Gohan having a tough fight against the Yardratian Jimeze, and Frieza is seen watching the fight with a menacing grin on his face. When Gohan appears to have already defeated Jimeze, Frieza announced his intentions. He can be heard saying that because of their shared hatred towards the Saiyans, he and Frost have decided to be partners.

Gohan in trouble?

His announcement puts Gohan in a difficult spot. Will this turn of events get Goku’s son thrown out of the tournament or, worse, get killed by these treacherous villains? What will other members of Universe7 do? Will fans see Vegeta fight along Gohan to defeat Frost and Frieza? Will Piccolo help Gohan?

What’s at stake?

While the betrayal is expected right from the very start of the Tournament of Power, fans are still not sure of how to feel about this.


Frieza's announcement has a few consequences. Should Universe7 lose in the tournament, his chance of getting resurrected for good will be scrapped. It is interesting to see what he and Frost have agreed to have him commit the betrayal.

Fans are speculating that it is possible that Frieza has finally realized that his prize for helping Universe7 will not be worth his effort. There are also several fans who think that the super villain might have a different goal in mind and might betray Frost in the end.

He is cunning, devious and has destroyed many planets, and staging a coup in Episode 108 of “Dragon Ball Super” is nothing new to the super villain.