New and exciting details about the much-awaited one-hour special of “Dragon Ball Super” surfaced today. It seems that the team behind the popular anime series is not slowing down in giving more hints on what the players can expect in the climax of the Tournament of Power.

Aside from airing back-to-back episodes, the one-hour special is heavily speculated because it will reportedly showcase Goku’s new form. His new form was teased when the Tournament of Power commences in the anime series. It is just the perfect time to unveil it at the climax of the tournament.

Latest spoilers

In the latest spoiler summary of “Dragon Ball Super” translated by Todd Blankenship, it is revealed that the gods of Universe11 instructed Jiren The Gray to crush Goku.


For his part, the team leader of Universe7 happily prepares himself to fight the strongest fighter of the other participating universe. Jiren released his ki that shocked the participants. The Saiyan counters this by turning into Super Saiyan Blue and raising his Kaioken to its maximum level.

The summary also states that despite raising his Kaioken to the maximum, it does not affect Jiren. All of Goku’s attacks are deflected. Moreover, the summary reveals that the Super Saiyan Blue Goku is knocked down by his fierce and strong opponent. However, a ki that was never seen before goes off his body.

New form

Since it was first teased in the promo for the anime series, the new form of the fan-favorite Super Saiyan is a regular topic in the community.


In the fandom, many hardcore fans have made their theory about the brand new form. As revealed by the latest spoiler summary, there is a new ki that erupts in the Saiyan’s body which could be the highly anticipated form of Goku.

In the new scan of the Jump magazine, Goku is illustrated to have a silver pair of eyes. Noticeably, his hair is still black, but some of the outer parts of his spiked hair are silver. While the new image could be his new form, it resembles more of Gohan’s Mystic form than of a higher Super Saiyan level.


Could the new kind of ki come out from Goku’s body an indication of this new form? The scan also mentions about a new technique that the Saiyan will showcase in the one-hour special. Is the ki described in the spoiler summary related to this new technique and not to the new form? Does this new technology have any connection to the Spirit Bomb?

There are lots of questions that could be raised for this spoiler summary. For now, fans will have to wait for the special to air for all their questions to be answered. The action intensifies as the Tournament of Power in “Dragon Ball Super” reaches its pinnacle.