Fans of “Dragon Ball Super” are now excited to see the new transformation of Goku. According to Otakukart Anime, once Frost attacks the warriors of Universe 7, he will jump in and protect all of his friends. However, before he faces Frost and stops him with his plans, he would need to face Universe 2’s Ribianne and Universe 11’s Jiren.

Two failed attempts

Although Goku is stronger than he was before, he will realize that his Kaio-Ken is not enough to beat Jiren. Because of it, he will use his ultimate attack, the Spirit Bomb.


However, the Spirit Bomb will fail, and the Saiyan would need to undergo an emotional transformation to reach his new form.

The Youtube channel Master Media stated that this new transformation is 50 times stronger than the Super Saiyan Blue. It is stronger than Beerus but requires an emotional trigger. This emotional trigger fits the recent event: After Frost killing Master Roshi, it is a trigger to Goku’s new Super Saiyan transformation. A popular fan theory is also pointing out that Goku will absorb his Spirit Bomb, making his new form.

Similarities with the other series

This new form may sound a bit familiar since it was featured in “Dragon Ball Z” where the heroes faced Frieza in Planet Namek. Gohan’s father also used the Kaio-Ken and the Spirit Bomb, which both failed. He used his new Super Saiyan transformation to beat Frieza. His best friend, Krillin, died in the series which triggered the transformation.

From the series of events, “Dragon Ball Super” is beginning to use “Dragon Ball Z” as a basis for everything that is happening. If this will continue, it will not be long for Goku to face Frost soon.


Possible betrayal

The Universe 7 Team might also find themselves betrayed by one of their strongest fighters. One of their newest addition, Frieza, might go against the team in Episode 108. Now that Krillin and Tenshinhan are both out of the team, Frieza will make the things worst for the group.

The teaser for the next episode showed Gohan having a hard time beating his opponent Jimeze. While searching for the next person that he will face, Frieza will take a short break and watch Gohan fighting.

However, after seeing that Jimeze is beating the young Saiyan, Frieza had a smile on his face.

Frieza is known as an evil character in the series. He killed several characters in the “Z” series. However, he is also aware that once Universe 7 is defeated, he will be included into those who will get annihilated.

Release date

Dragon Ball SuperEpisode 109 featuring the much-awaited battle between Goku and Jiren will air on October 8.