The much-awaited battle between two powerful fighters in the multiverse will happen in Episodes 109 and 110 of “Dragon Ball Super.” In these episodes, several spoilers claim that Goku will reveal his new form. Fans have their own theories and predictions about the biggest fight in the Tournament of Power. There are also numerous speculations about the Super Saiyan’s new form.

There is a new theory, which claims that Goku will use a technique in the tournament that will astound everybody. However, the theory is intended to erase Jiren The Gray rather than defeating him or sending him out of the arena.


In the synopsis contained in the latest scanned preview of Jump magazine, it was revealed that Goku’s 20 times Kaioken will not work with Jiren The Gray.


According to the synopsis, in order to win, the fan-favorite Saiyan will use his trump card, the Genki-Dama or the Spirit Bomb. This sparked another set of new theories from the community. One theory that is widely discussed among fans is about Goku erasing his opponent using a different technique.

Godly technique

According to Otakukart, it is possible that the fan-favorite Saiyan of “Dragon Ball Super” will use the godly technique known as Hakai in the Tournament of Power. The blog site claims that the same technique was used by Goku in his fight against Fused Zamasu in the Manga version. It worked well with Fused Zamasu although it was not fully launched because the villain used Mai as his human shield.


This triggered the Saiyan to stop his attack. The technique is seen only performed by the Omni-Kings when a particular universe gets defeated in the tournament.

The theory toys with the possibility of Goku being able to access the power of the gods to successfully launch the attack. One issue with this technique is that since it will erase its opponent, it will not technically disqualify the Super Saiyan? The site claims that only killing is prohibited in the tournament, and since erasing is different from killing, it might work. In addition, if the Omni-Kings find it neat and cool, they might let it pass.

While this theory will not defeat the powerful opponent, Goku will help his team be eliminating Jiren the Gray in the tournament.


Taking him out of the equation means one less powerful fighter. This is just another theory, which could or could not happen.

With the way things go in “Dragon Ball Super” fans are trying to explore every possibility. Episodes 109 and 110 will air on October 17.