The much-awaited battle between two powerful fighters in the multiverse is happening soon in “Dragon Ball Super.” While the latest synopses and spoilers are now available, it appears that the fandom has more insights about the epic battle. It is also in these episodes that fans believe Goku will reveal his new form.

Talks about the Super Saiyan’s new form have been hitting the web since the start of the Tournament of Power. In fact, there are different theories circulating right now about what Goku’s new form would be. While there are many theories worth noting, one of the heavily speculated right now is the Omni-Powered Form.



The latest synopsis translated by the ever-reliable Todd Blankenship reveals that Goku will use 20 times Kiaoken against Jiren. However, this will not work. Putting everything on the line, the fan-favorite Super Saiyan will use his ace card, the Genki-dama or the Spirit Bomb technique. It is in this revelation that the latest theory about the Omni-powered form is inspired.

The Spirit Bomb is a popular technique used by Goku to defeat his evil enemies like Frieza and Majin Buu. Technically, this is only applicable to evil opponents, which excludes Jiren.

As a member of the valiant Universe11’s Pride Trooper, he is a good guy that is only fighting to save his own universe. The issue has been a topic among fans as they speculate that it might not work on Jiren.

New Omni-Powered Form

However, the theory, originally made by Mastar, claims that instead of firing this powerful energy to his enemy Goku will absorb it, thus making him extra powerful. Another issue that fans are considering is the setting. The Tournament of Power is being held at the arena in the World of the Void.


The Spirit Bomb Technique solicits energy from living beings within a particular range.

Interestingly, in the World of the Void, powerful gods, angels, and fighters of the entire multiverse are present, which could be a good source of life force. However, if Goku will ask for their life forces, no one will dare give it since Goku’s victory will mean another universe’s demise. The best pick among the characters to give their life forces would be Beerus, Whiz, and other Universe7 characters.

In the Omni-powered theory, Mastar claims that it is possible that the most powerful gods in the entire multiverse will also give their life forces to Goku.

There is a great chance that the Omni-Kings will get curious at what Beerus and others are doing and would also join them and raise their hands. With that amount of life force, even the most powerful fighter in the multiverse will never be able to withstand it.

This is just a theory and fans will only know what will happen as the story of “Dragon Ball Super” progresses. With the details presented, there is a great possibility that this theory could have a weight in the epic battle between Jiren and Goku.