A new set of synopsis has been recently released for the upcoming episodes of “Dragon Ball Super.” This weekend, fans were not able to see the anime series’ regular program because the block time was used to air Japan’s history and culture. Nevertheless, fans are in for a treat since the latest synopsis for the upcoming episodes contains interesting details about a fight that will take place between two of the most powerful fighters in the entire multiverse.


Episodes 109 and 110 will air on October 7, 2017.

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Fans will witness a showdown that has been anticipated since the start of the Tournament of Power. According to the synopsis, Goku will use 20 times Kaioken against Jiren. Unfortunately, this has no effect on the equally powerful member of the Pride Troopers.

With Universe7’s fate at stake, Goku will put everything on the line. Having no other options left, the Super Saiyan will use his trump card to be able to defeat his opponent, the Genki-Dama or the Spirit Bomb.

In the past, fans have seen this technique used to defeat enemies like Frieza and Majin Buu. Technically, this technique only affects evil opponents. Jiren is not in any way a bad person and appears to be participating in the tournament to save his own universe. There is no assurance that this technique will work. The million dollar question right now is, if the Spirit Bomb will not work, what else will?


The Genki-Dama or the Spirit Bomb is a technique that uses the life forces of living creatures in a particular universe or in the multiverse. Some fans claim that if Goku uses the technique in the Tournament of Power [VIDEO], it will be a form of cheating.

This is because the power does not come from him directly. However, most likely the Omni-Kings will rule it as okay.

It is worth noting that when Muten Roshi used the Mufuba or the Evil Containment Wave, some participants claim that it is cheating. However, the Omni-kings find the technique NEAT, thus declaring it is acceptable. The way Spirit Bomb works will most likely be cool in the perspective of the Omni-kings.

There are a lot of speculations about the much-awaited battle between Goku and Jiren. In addition to the fact that it is the battle of the most powerful fighters, previous spoilers claim that it will also reveal Goku’s new form. When the Universe Survival Arc started, several fans have been waiting for the new transformation of the Super Saiyan. With more than half of the participants remaining in the arena, the upcoming episodes of “Dragon Ball Super” will be more intense and exciting.