Throughout the Dragon Ballhistory, Frieza is notably one of the most iconic characters of the franchise. The heinous and evil character became the arch-nemesis of the protagonist Goku. He was defeated multiple times but he returned all the same to exact revenge upon the Saiyans. Despite being always defeated, we all know that Frieza is now a participant in the Tournament of Power as part of the new anime series,Dragon Ball Super.”

During the last episode, fans witnessed Frieza double cross Frost with Gohan. However, Frieza’s real intentions are still a mystery, and we still don’t know if he can be trusted.


Land shark Frieza

To help us understand the real intentions of Frieza in the cosmic battle royal, we should look back as to what was he based on. According to Akira Toriyama, Frieza was the collection of his worst fears and childhood nightmares. Additionally, the creator mentioned that when the Frieza saga was written during the late 1980s were Japan in an economic bubble. Land sharks became rampant in Japan, and that setting became the inspiration for Frieza’s conception.

Toriyama added that real estate speculators are the worst kind of people which he likens to Frieza.

However, instead of dealing with homes, the evil alien conquered planets and annexed them to his empire. The evil emperor is also a conniving schemer who only values himself more than anybody else just like a stereotype property land shark. In short, Frieza is a selfish man who is willing to do any underhanded methods to rise above the rest and aside from his shrewdness, he has the power to make all of his plans happen.

Frieza, the God of Destruction?

Frieza joined the Tournament of Power with something in mind and knowing him.


It must be something big that will catapult him into the top of the pyramid. Frieza was even willing to team up with his worst enemies, so it is not surprising that he will betray them eventually. We all know that Frieza’s loyalty only lies with himself and his only goal was to rule every being in the world as a God of Destruction or a god stronger than Zen-Ohs.

The theory was popular among the fans, and the show even implied that Frieza was going to this direction. In episode 99, Frieza looked at Zen-Ohs with disdain as the little gods erased Universe 9 and thought to himself that he would eventually rule over them.

Additionally, Frieza was shown cursing Beerus behind his back multiple times and displayed his desire to kill him secretly. Whis also shared this view when he claimed that Frieza’s real goal in the tournament was to obtain the power to kill a god.

With nothing still confirmed, we can only speculate on what Frieza has in his dirty little mind. For now, let's just wait and see the upcoming one-hour special of “Dragon Ball Super” this coming Saturday, October 8 at Crunchyroll.