The climax of the Tournament of Power will take place in episodes 109 and 110 of “Dragon Ball Super.” In these episodes, fans will see Goku fight against Universe11’s Jiren The Gray. Since the start of the tournament, the strongest member of the Pride troopers has been the top choice among fans as the best opponent for Son Goku.

However, in the entire stretch of the tournament, there is very little exposure about this humanoid-looking fighter. Fans are clueless at how powerful the trump card of the Pride Troopers really is. Interestingly, there are several clues in the popular anime series hints on the strength and abilities of this fighter.

Several hints

Jiren’s character is shrouded in mystery.


In the anime series, there are only a few times that he uttered a word. Most of the time, he is either just observing or calmly waiting. In many scenes in the series, he is shown unfazed and often does not elicit any reaction. Some fans consider him a Stoic.

There are only two or three times where fans have witnessed Jiren’s power in the tournament. In a way, these instances give a glimpse of what the fighter has under the hood. One is during Kale’s rampage. While most of the fighters are in shock of the Berserker’s rage, the Gray, using a single attack easily stopped Kale.

Aside from this, during Brianne de Chateau’s transformation into Ribrianne, she unleashed the Light of Love raining down on the entire arena.


He knocked away one of the projectiles and used his Power Impact to stop the attack. The latest hint is revealed in the most recent synopsis for the upcoming episodes of “Dragon Ball Super.”

According to the synopsis translated by Todd Blankenship, Goku fired his 20 times Kaioken, which has no effect to Jiren. This triggers Goku to use his trump card, the Genki-dama or the Spirit Bomb. This only means that the ace card of the Pride Troopers is hiding something within him that enables him to withstand one of Goku’s powerful attacks.

Spirit Bomb

Meanwhile, fans have varying thoughts about the Spirit Bomb technique that Goku will use to defeat Jiren. Some believes that it will not be successful considering that the technique is only applicable to evil enemies.


There are others who claim that there is a chance that instead of firing it, Goku will absorb the energy triggering the birth of his new form. For now, these are all speculations, Episodes 109 and 110 of “Dragon Ball Super” will air on October 8, 2017.