Dragon Ball Super” boasts a vast and complex cosmology especially when it comes to the almighty Gods of Destructions. Both the anime and the manga make efforts to introduce us to the intriguing gods of the twelve universes where even one of them became main antagonists in one of the show’s story arcs. The introduction of Beerus into the series delighted lots of fans, and they can’t get enough of the Egyptian god-look alike. Some enthusiast even brings Goku into the idea and wondered if Goku will become a God of Destruction [VIDEO] sometime before the anime ends.

Goku as God of Destruction

Having fought Beerus and going toe-to-toe with him, fans have always wondered if Goku would be placed in the same position as the feline god.

A lot of avid followers wants to see Goku take on the Egyptian garb to become one of the mightiest beings of the cosmos. We can also recall that Whis even offered Goku to become a candidate, but the battle-crazed Saiyan turned down the proposal. Fortunately, one artist has taken on the idea and made to reality by making a short fan-made comic that featured our Saiyan hero taking on Beerus’ uniform.

The comic was shared over on Twitter, and although it was written in Japanese, viewers can generally understand what happened. The third panel shows Goku standing in a traditional Beerus garb which implies that he took on the mantle as a Destroyer.

Furthermore, Twitter translator Todd Blankenship took the liberty of translating the dialogues.

According to Blankenship, it is a what-if scenario where Goku [VIDEO]became a god and Shin insist on calling him ‘lord.’ However, Goku asked of dropping the honorifics because he is not used to it.

Does theory become a reality?

In the previous episodes of the series, it has been reiterated multiple times that Goku and Vegeta have the potential to follow Beerus’ footsteps into becoming a deity. It is also made evident that a mortal can become a god when he can prove that he is powerful enough to take on the job. Whis even approved of Goku and Vegeta’s strength and even trained them to boost their power further. Additionally, Zen-Oh has the authority to appoint someone to become a Destroyer, so it is very likely that Goku can be a god in the near future.

As of now, Goku has no interest of inheriting Beerus’ mantle and spend his lifetime in eternity destroying planets. However, we can’t say for certain if Goku will not change his mind on the matter especially that he will have a power boost in the upcoming episode. Let’s wait and see if Goku will take on the responsibility of a destroying god. For now, let’s join the hype for Goku’s new transformation [VIDEO]that will come on the special one-hour episode of Dragon Ball Superon October 8.