The Tournament of Power in "Dragon Ball Super" is about to reach its pinnacle in just a matter of days. The intense and action-packed one-hour special will mark the highlight of the climax of the popular anime series. The spoilers and leaks are now suggesting that the remaining episodes will star Goku, Vegeta, and Gohan. Because of this, fans are now wondering about the role of Android 17 in the Tournament of Power.

Role in the tournament

There were several episodes where fans were able to witness the strength and fighting skills of Android 17.

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So far, he has already eliminated several opponents in the Tournament of Power. He was shown having fun and holding back [VIDEO] his power while fighting Ribrianne and her teammates.

In one episode, he shielded Goku against an incoming attack from the enemy.

With his endless stamina, Android 17’s main role is to reduce the number of fighters in the Tournament of Power. This is significant because it will save Goku or Vegeta a lot of energy when fighting other powerful fighters.


During the recruitment phase of the Tournament of Power, Goku was having a hard time completing the roster of fighters to make up the Universe 7 team. The tournament required 10 warriors to face other participants in a battle royale-style fight. One fighter that the Saiyan tracked down to fight with him in the tournament was Android 17. With Dende's help, the team leader of Universe 7 found the strong fighter protecting the wildlife on an island.

For those who are not familiar with the character, Android 17 was introduced as one of the creations of Dr. Gero.

Along with 16, and 18, they were created to destroy Goku to avenge Dr. Gero. He was first introduced in the Cell Saga of “DBZ.” He became human when the Z Warriors made a wish to Shenron to revive beings that have good hearts, and the android was one of them.

The wish granted him another life, not as an android but as a human being. He also became a good person and his power has improved tremendously. It appears that through the years, he was able to realize the potential of his power aside from his endless stamina. When Goku tried to test his fighting skills in a sparring match, it was shown that he was able to even stand against the Super Saiyan Blue form of the hero.

It appears that Android 17 and 18 are there as supporting characters to fan-favorite Saiyans. They are there preparing the way and saving the heroes from some petty troubles. There are a lot of things to look forward to in “Dragon Ball Super.” Fans are hoping that Android 17 will soon steal the spotlight in one of the episodes.