The hype for the upcoming fight between two of the most powerful fighters in the multiverse is building up in “Dragon Ball Super.” The special one-hour show that will air Episodes 109 and 110 is just a few days away. The people behind the fan-favorite anime series have not even tried to tone down the excitement and the tension between the two fighters.

In the previous episode, it appeared that Jiren The Gray of Universe11 has already given Goku’s fans a taste of his insane strength. While displaying his power by defeating Dyspo easily, it seems that Goku was stunned and intimidated by his opponent’s strength.

Episode 107 highlights

Last Sunday, Episode 107 of “Dragon Ball Super” was aired and fans have received it with mixed reactions.


In this episode, the entire fandom was able to witness for the first time how strong Goku’s future opponent is. Aside from the previews and opening trailers of the anime series, there are only limited episodes where Jiren The Gray was shown fighting.

One of the highlights of his power was when he easily stopped berserker Kale from her rampage. Jiren is a silent fighter who always observes and never says anything. In episode 107, he watched as Dyspo almost get knocked out fighting Maji Kayo, which has the power to take the shape of anything the fighter wants to copy.

Jiren stepped in the scene when the shape-shifting warrior almost defeated Dyspo. While some fans were expecting that there will be the exchange of blows like the regular fights, Jiren the Gray simply launched a single attack that sent the blue fighter out of the arena. Intentionally, the Supreme Kai of Maji Kayo’s universe sent the fighter for Jiren to gather information and learn more about the mysterious fighter.

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After the blow

After Maji Kayo was sent out of the Tournament of Power, the participants and the spectators were shown with their reactions on the recent elimination. The Supreme Kai looked terrified while Champa appeared panicky. Goku was shown looking at the rubble of his future opponent’s attack, dumbfounded.

The Super Saiyan’s reaction is not surprising at all. Even some fans shared that they too were amazed and was not expecting that kind of power from Jiren. It is worth noting that, in the previous episode, Goku was able to power up into Super Saiyan Blue before he was able to escape Maji Kayo. Jiren The Gray took him out with a single punch. That simply means Jiren is more powerful than Goku’s Super Saiyan Blue.


In the previous spoilers, it was revealed that Goku’s 20 times Kaioken has no effect on Jiren triggering the Saiyan to use his trump card, the Spirit Bomb. Who will win in the fight between Goku and Jiren? Will universe 7 be totally annihilated?

For now, all fans can do is speculate. The “Dragon Ball Super” special episode will air on October 17. It will be a one-hour show that will air both episodes 109 and 110.