Dragon Ball Super” is almost at its peak of the current Universal Survival Arc that highlights the Tournament of Power, which gathers all 80 warriors from eight participating universes to vie for survival. universe 6 warriors have been in the spotlight in the likes of Kale and Caulifla, the first female Saiyan warriors to join a tournament. It has been teased that Frost and Frieza will join forces together against Universe 7 because of their hatred of the Saiyan race. However, that is far from happening as the latest episode just proved that nobody could out-villain [VIDEO] the resurrected baddie – not even Frost.

The Omni-King has just erased a fighter

Dragon Ball Super Tournament of Power has rules that all 80 warriors need to follow.

If any of them breaches these rules, they can kiss their survival goodbye. Unfortunately, one of the anime’s most notable characters has just been erased from his existence at the hands of the Omni-King. If you are worried about Frieza and Frost’s conspiracy, then it’s time to move on from it as the latter has been wiped out by the tiny but deadly Omni-King. Yes, it’s surprising, but it just happened last night when the U6 warrior tried to attack the resurrected villain from the stands.

Farewell, Frost

The Omni-King is serious with the tournament rules, and anyone who violates will have to suffer the consequences. During “Dragon Ball Super” Episode 108, Frieza made it clear with Frost that he is not joining forces with an amateur like him. Because of his rage, he tried to send the resurrected baddie a deadly attack from the spectator’s stands, but the Omni-King immediately erased him from existence.

“No attacks from outside,” the Omni-King warned. “Do it again, and we’ll erase all of Universe 6.”

As far as we can remember, it was the first time in “Dragon Ball Super” that the Omni-King erased one specific warrior and not the entire universe. Apparently, an out-of-bounds attack is not allowed in the tournament, and Frost just did that maybe because of too much anger when Frieza turned him down. As the resurrected villain’s universal counterpart, Frost is Universe 6’s most clever warrior, and Cabba was stunned when he was quickly annihilated just like that. Apparently, U6 is now three- warrior down and has the same number of surviving warriors with Universe 7 once Goku and Jiren’s battle kicks off.

Jiren vs. Goku

The highly-anticipated battle of Goku and Jiren kicks off during the one-hour TV special of “Dragon Ball Super” on October 8. The Saiyan fighter is set to debut his brand new Super Saiyan transformation, which is said to be stronger than a God of Destruction. Stay tuned, folks!