Dragon Ball Super” has recently revealed that Goku is getting a brand new transformation soon in the Tournament of Power. While there is no telling as to when his new form will debut in the anime, fans suggest that he might transform when he fights against Jiren The Grey. His battle against the Pride Trooper has been highly-anticipated by fans since the battle royal started. The folks behind the anime though did not reveal the new form’s name and fans have been anxious to know more about it.

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Will it be one of Akira Toriyama’s fondness [VIDEO] on different colors of Super Saiyan?

Goku’s new transformation

Over on Twitter, one fan curiously asked Dragon Ball Super screenwriter Toshio Yoshitaka about the name of Goku’s brand new form suggesting Super Saiyan Silver, Black, Blue 2, or God 2.

Yoshitaka though remained tight-lipped about the name but teased that it’s something everyone doesn’t expect. “It's a name beyond our imagination!" he replied. "Hats off to Mr. Toriyama for the creativity. Please look forward to the TV broadcasting." Alright, it looks like we will have another interesting name for Goku’s upcoming new SS transformation. It’s just that we still have to wait at least until they allow Goku to transform anytime soon.

Toshio describes Goku’s new form

The “Dragon Ball Super” screenwriter also said that Goku’s brand new form is “cool” and this is enough for us to expect something bigger about the Saiyan fighter’s new transformation. Although there were no further details that Toshio provided, fans already have a lot of speculations as to what the new form can do.

According to some fans, the silver eyes that Goku has in his new Super Saiyan transformation that somehow mirror Zamasu’s eyes can also mean that he is tapping into the powers of a Kai [VIDEO]. Is it possible?

How powerful is it?

According to some “Dragon Ball Super” experts and contributors, the new Super Saiyan form will be violent and ruthless, similar to the history of the Saiyan race. It is said that Universe 7 is familiar to this. It’s been teased that there will be terrible things to happen soon in the Tournament of Power and fans suggest that there might be a warrior(s) that will get killed. Others even suggest that it can be from U7, which will be the reason for Goku’s sudden transformation.

Either way, “Dragon Ball Super” is expected to deliver devastation among those who are still in the Tournament of Power. The one-hour TV special on October 8 is expected to hold the fight between Goku and Jiren, which might be the time for Goku to transform into his yet-to-be named form. What do you reckon about his brand new Super Saiyan power up? Let us know in the comments!