Dragon Ball Super” is currently on a break but once it returns in October, we will get to see the much-awaited fight between Jiren and Goku, which is dubbed as the climactic battle among the universes. However, the new set of titles that were recently released teases that the Saiyan warrior may not be successful in defeating the strongest warrior of Universe 11.

The episode that comes after their battle hints that Hit will fight Jiren, which apparently means that Goku falls short in beating the muscular humanoid fighter. Toppo, the God Of Destruction of U11 previously said that even if he combines his power with Goku, both of them can’t beat the Pride Trooper.


Does this mean that the U11 warrior can take down the gods or is there another way to defeat them?

The untouchable gods

Each universe has its own God of Destruction, which apparently means they are the most powerful creatures in their respective homes. Fans can recall during “DBZ: Battle of Gods” when Goku went head-to-head with Beerus and transformed into Super Saiyan God. It’s one of his most powerful transformations, but despite its incredible power, it still didn’t succeed in defeating Lord Beerus.

However, Universe 7’s Supreme Kai, Shin might have revealed the easiest way to take down the universes gods in Dragon Ball Super.”

The Super Dragon Balls

“Dragon Ball Super” is heating up its Tournament of Power, which is the highlight of the current Universal Survival Arc and one can well imagine the thrill that Goku and Jiren’s battle can bring. No one knows who will win the tournament, but everyone hopes to see the Saiyan fighter champion his team. What’s more interesting is that Supreme Kai Shin said that whoever survives in the battle royal will be able to make a wish on The Super DB. According to Whis, the Universe 7 Angel, these DBs have the ability to kill off the gods.


Will Goku wish to kill Beerus?

Apparently, if Goku survives in “Dragon Ball Super” Tournament of Power, it means that he can make a single wish and that is to kill off his own God of Destruction. In the latest chapter of the manga version, Beerus blamed Goku for suggesting the deadly martial arts tournament.

However, that’s not how the other gods see it.

For them, it’s Lord Beerus' fault for making the Omni-King furious when he did not show up during the deity’s impromptu meeting with his subordinates. Nonetheless, these “Dragon Ball Super” theories and speculations remain to be seen.