Before the Tournament of Power started, there are speculations that Future Trunks would be included in the Universe 7 roster. Who wouldn't want to see Future Trunks in the "Dragon Ball Super" again? He is a strong fighter who fight the threats in the future timeline alone (except when these threats are enemies he cannot handle). And he got a very promising potential inside of him, the potential to reach Godly powers such as his father.

It turns out; he could've been a warrior for the Tournament of Power. But for some reason, Gohan unknowingly prevented him and Future Mai from staying in the mainstream timeline.

The 2017 Jump Victory Carnival Booklet

So many people attend the Jumo Victory Carnival 2017 event which happened last July in Tokyo and Osaka.


Different Japanese show and games franchises gathered to show something new with their franchises. One of the media featured is a booklet from "Dragon Ball Super" which features the event when Future Trunks and Future Mai planned to settle down with Bulma. The two-paged booklet is worthy of a side-story in the "Dragon Ball Super."

Gohan, who was still a geek back then, visited the couple and asked how everything is going. He mentioned that he wants to come with them in the future timeline where Bulma is alive, and everything is peaceful. Probably an alternate timeline where Zamasu doesn't exist. He probably wants to talk to Bulma about some science things that geeks would love.

What Future Trunks did

Future Trunks haven't mentioned to Gohan yet that they will be staying in the main timeline for good.


Everybody knows that Gohan, whether the mainstream Gohan or the Future Gohan, has a soft spot in Future Trunks' heart. As to not burst the bubble, Trunks and Mai acted like they have planned to go to the future timeline. If Gohan never visited them that day, Trunks would be able to participate in the Tournament of Power.

If Future Trunks stayed

If Future Trunks decided to still stay in the mainstream timeline, there are interesting things that could happen. For instance, Future Trunks would be the one that will be participating in the Tournament of power. Goku would've not been forced to resurrect Frieza. Frieza would stay in Hell and will never have to fight for the Tournament of Power. He would've never met Frost, who is one of his race.


The scheme of both the Ice-jins, which is yet to be seen, should not happen in the future. Stay tuned.