As a new episode is released each week, the "Dragon Ball Super" anime series is one of the most viewed. This week, "Dragon Ball Super" presented episode 106, on Sunday, September 3.

After confronting Universe 4 in the previous chapter, Gohan and Piccolo faced Dr. Rota from the sixth universe, but he was demolished by a surprise attack to the amazement of both. Immediately, master and student became the target of this mysterious sniper and made every effort to hide. Fortunately for them, Goku, Vegeta, and Tenshinhan, after watching from a distance, intervened in the struggle.


Goku and Vegeta managed to locate the sniper who turned out to be Prum of Universe 2. The two Saiyans were surprised to discover that he was just a decoy and the power to reflect any attack. This meant that the real threat was his ally Harmila. Knowing that any attack was useless, Goku and Vegeta began to throw rubble at Prum to corner him. Meanwhile, Tenshinhan used the multi-form technique and began to move in on Harmira.

Finally, Tenshinhan got an advantage over his rival after launching an attack, but in a moment of carelessness, he was the one who fell out of the arena.

It was at that moment when his three clones reappeared and dragged Harmira off of the platform, eliminating both warriors. Both Prum and Dr. Rota were eliminated by Vegeta.

Top 10 animation ranking for the episode

Episode 106 of "Dragon Ball Super" got a 5.0% score - a 0.4% increase from the previous week from fans voting for their best animations. As a result, the series climbed two positions to occupy the sixth place in the Top 10.

This week "Dragon Ball Super" will not have an episode aired due to FNS27, which is a special 24-hour program on the history of Japan. The series will make its return on September 17 with episode 107 and the anticipated match between Master Roshi and Frost.


Summary of Chapter 107

Half of the participants have already been eliminated from the Tournament of Power. Frost, of universe 6, launches his plan and decides to attack universe 7 of Goku and company. His first victim is Master Roshi and Vegeta, with whom he has a history. The Kaioshin of universe 6 bargains with Frost so that if he eliminates the warriors of universe 7, he will be forgiven and rewarded by sending him in search of warriors from universe 7.

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For now, watch the video below to see the progress of the upcoming chapter of “Dragon Ball Super," which comes to us through some leaked information about this saga.

Dragon Ball Super is viewed by fans across the world and is dubbed into English. U.S. fans can watch it on Crunchy Roll.