When it comes to intense battles, everyone can always trust Dragon Ball Super,” where incredible warriors pit against each other to vie for survival. The anime’s current Universal Survival Arc is already in the middle of its ultimate Tournament of Power between all eight participating universes. Team Universe 7, where father and son – Goku and Gohan belong, is now down to eight members after Krillin and Tenshinhan’s defeat. Earlier today, another set of synopsis was released that focuses on the half-Saiyan fighter [VIDEO] having a hard time in his battle against a warrior from Universe 2.

Will Gohan survive?

Gohan is in a tight spot

Over on Twitter, Ken Xyro quickly shared his English translation of the synopsis ofDragon Ball Super Episode 108, which suggests that Gohan will be in a tight spot against Jimeze from Universe 2.


What’s more interesting, is that Frieza shows signs of betrayal like smirking whenever the half-Saiyan fighter is knocked down. “Frieza's behavior makes Universe 7 feel uneasy! As the Tournament of Power gets rougher with time, more and more fighters are eliminated,” reads the synopsis. “At the same time, Jimeze of Universe 2 is giving Gohan a tough fight and Freeza does nothing but watch. Did Freeza betray Universe 7…?”

Looking at the “Dragon Ball Super” synopsis, it seems that Gohan will be cornered by Jimeze but Frieza won’t do anything to help him. Apparently, the long-time speculation among fans that the former Emperor Of Evil will eventually betray Goku and his team [VIDEO], is finally happening. Gohan might be powerful enough but the synopsis also confirms that Jimeze’s “instant transmission” will put the half-Saiyan warrior in trouble.


If Frieza’s alleged betrayal turns out to be true, then Goku’s son is clearly under fire.

Will Frieza really betray his team?

When Majin Buu fell into a ritual sleep, Goku resorted to a more risky option by recruiting Frieza to join team Universe 7 in the “Dragon Ball Super” Tournament of Power. However, the Saiyan warrior asked Fortuneteller Baba to revive the former emperor of evil for only 24 hours throughout the duration of the battle royal. Frieza and Goku have also made a pact that if Frieza helps U7 win the battle royal, his resurrection will be for good. If it happens that he has forgotten this truce, then he should prepare to return to his grave after the 24-hour duration.

Additionally, the Zen-Oh may not like the idea of Frieza betraying Universe 7 and might just annihilate the former emperor of evil for good. Either way, we all expect that there will be more explosives coming soon in “Dragon Ball Super.” We’re pretty sure of that.