The latest issue of Weekly Shonen Jump has hinted at details about Son Goku's upcoming new form in "Dragon Ball Super." The hype train will be chugging even faster as provisional titles for episodes 111-113 are officially out.

Anime and Manga pundit Yonkou Productions took to Twitter to reveal some new information about Son Goku's mystery form. As per the latest scan, the promo photo for "Dragon Ball Super's" one-hour episode gave special attention to Son Goku's eyes, which has a silver hue. It even went on to say that fans are about to witness a shocker that is never before seen in the entirety of the "Dragon Ball" lore.


Son Goku's silver eyes

The synopsis for episodes 109-110 suggests that the Tournament of Power is already halfway through. Jiren was given the warrant by his godly bosses to dispose of Son Goku in the tourney. As the Saiyan excitedly preps up for this long-awaited match, Jiren shows off his ki. The ki was so strong that it overwhelms the combatants within the arena.

In response, Kakarot immediately turns into his Super Saiyan Blue form that was further buffed by his maxed out (x20) Kaio Ken. However, Son Goku will be overwhelmed by Jiren's insane strength and he eventually gets knocked down. This may have ignited something inside of the protagonist as the synopsis stated that this will lead to Son Goku releasing a powerful ki energy that is never seen before.

Potential spoilers ahead

Meanwhile, the provisional titles for "Dragon Ball Super" episodes 111-113 hinted at some major events within the multiversal battle royale.


It also confirmed some fan theories that have been making rounds online for quite some time now.

Episode 111, initially dubbed "Hit vs Jiren!!," clearly says it all. One of the most anticipated matches in the tournament is finally happening on October 15 as these two powerful warriors will be sizing up each other and it promises to be an epic one. It's still unclear on how this match came to be since Jiren was having a scuffle with Son Goku in the first place. Nonetheless, it is believed that this might happen when the Saiyan is knocked down by Universe 11's top combatant.

On October 22, episode 112 titled "Vegeta's Resolve!!" will probably the most difficult to guess. Although this is a Vegeta-centric episode, it is uncertain who the Saiyan Prince will be facing.

Could be a precursor

Lastly, episode 113, "Fighting Maniac Saiyan Battle," which will air on October 29, could be the one where Son Goku's new form will be seen. Others believe that this could be a precursor to a more intense battle between him and Jiren. Check out a video about "Dragon Ball Super" here.