Over the weekend, Dragon Ball Super” aired its 107th episode that showcased Master Roshi’s intense battle against Universe 6’s Frost. The Turtle Hermit released his massive Mafuba attack or best known as the Evil Containment Wave, but it didn’t come easy. It was redirected to Vegeta that briefly contained him although the older warrior was able to release him right away. The old master also appeared to be worn out after doing it and was terribly in bad shape that prompted the prince of all Saiyans to advise him to get himself out of the arena.

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The latest episode also featured Jiren’s first fight since he was introduced in the tournament and Goku was put off by the Pride Trooper’s immeasurable power.

Jiren intimidates Goku once again

Dragon Ball Super Episode 107 saw Maji Kayo of Universe 3 being tasked by his Supreme Kai to fight Jiren The Grey in an attempt to gather data, but he had to face off with Dyspo first.

The jelly-like blue fighter was close to knocking out the member of the Pride Trooper and tried to trap him in his liquified body, but Jiren suddenly stepped in. The muscular humanoid fighter released one incredible power punch that it even put the air out of place in the battle arena. Apparently, the punch was so powerful it knocked the blue fighter out the tournament arena.

Following the attack, everyone in “Dragon Ball Super” can be seen in awe, and even the Supreme Kai of Universe 3 looked extremely uneasy. Universe 6’s God Of Destruction Champa was also nervous about Jiren’s attack, and Goku was bewildered by the aftermath of the muscular humanoid fighter’s terrifying assault. The Saiyan warrior had to go Super Saiyan Blue to escape from the jelly-like blue fighter when he restrained him.

This only means that Jiren is stronger than SSB even when added with Kaio-Ken.

The highly-anticipated battle

Jiren had impressed Goku since they first met when the “Dragon Ball Super” Tournament of Power was about to commence. The Saiyan fighter also tried to challenge the Pride Trooper to fight, but he has been real silent since the beginning of the battle royal. However, his stillness will finally come to an end as the anime is set to pit the two fighters against each other in upcoming episodes. Jiren is not something to mess with given his supreme power that even his own God of Destruction, Toppo can’t surpass.

However, Goku is set to unleash his brand new Super Saiyan transformation soon during his battle against Jiren in “Dragon Ball Super” episodes 109 and 110 during the anime’s one-hour TV special. It is said that he will absorb the strongest energy attack called the Spirit Bomb while in his new form. Kaio-Ken x 20 will reportedly not work on Jiren that prompts Goku to transform into his yet-to-be-named form to defeat the Pride Trooper. The new transformation is even expected to be stronger than a God of Destruction.