Dragon Ball Super” producers have previously teased that something terrible will happen soon in the tournament of Power. The anime is currently on break and once it returns next month, it will finally showcase the much-awaited battle of the universes’ two strongest warriors, Goku and Jiren The Grey. However, while the climactic battle is happening, fans are wondering what could be the terrifying thing that will transpire amidst the highly-anticipated battle of Universe 7 and Universe 11 warriors. Recently, new adverts have been released in Japan, which gives more insights to the terrible scene or event that will take place soon.


New promo

On Twitter, Todd Blankenship shared his English translation of the terrible thing that will happen during the Dragon Ball Super Tournament of Power. What’s more interesting is that it gets underway while Goku and Jiren are fighting against each other during the anime’s one-hour TV special. There have been no further details about the “terrible” thing but fans have their own theories and speculations including one that says the Omni-King might change the tournament rules out of the blue.

Given the near-death experience of Master Roshi and his usage of a weapon when he released the Evil Containment Wave, fans suggest that the rules might be altered.

It can mean ‘unexpected’

Blankenship explained that the Japanese wordとんでもない is directly translated into English as “terrible” but it can also mean “unexpected.” However, he still suggests that either way, it still means bad and/or extreme that will happen during the “Dragon Ball Super” Tournament of Power. “With that in mind, translating it as "one hell of a thing is going to happen" might strike the right mix of vagueness and impressiveness," he wrote.


"But it's never "unexpected" in the sense of "oh, I didn't expect bananas to be on sale today.", is what I'm getting at.”

Something “terrible” is still awful

As what Blankenship explained, whatever the Japanese word translates into English, it can still mean that the “Dragon Ball Super” Tournament of Power might not go well. Given the intense battle that Goku and Jiren will have against each other, it’s not impossible that the “terrible” thing will take place. We still don’t have concrete information as to what it actually means but we’re pretty sure there will be more explosives down the road.

For now, fans can just content themselves by these theories and speculations while waiting for the anime to return to the small screens next month.

The highly-anticipated battle between Goku and Jiren will be covered on “Dragon Ball Super” Episodes 109 and 110. It will take place during the anime’s one-hour special as a back-to-back episode on October 8. Stay tuned!