Dragon Ball Super” Tournament of Power just had Tenshinhan from Universe 7 eliminated after Hermila released a massive energy blast that shook the entire arena, leaving him taken out of the battle ground. Goku and Jiren’s battle has been highly-anticipated among fans as this is expected to be the Saiyan fighter’s ultimate opponent in the battle royal. Goku is set to transform into his new Super Saiyan form, and this will possibly happen during his battle against the strongest fighter of Universe 11.

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Recently, the folks behind the anime series dropped some hints about the tournament’s climax, and it looks like everyone will be treated with tear-jerking events soon [VIDEO].

The climax of the Tournament of Power

Happening on October 8, both “One Piece” and “Dragon Ball Super will have their respective one-hour TV special [VIDEO] that will feature the pinnacle of both anime series’ main protagonists, Luffy and Goku. Producer Hiroyuki Sakurada recently discussed these two animes’ climax about the main protagonists' adventures. “History’s mightiest Tournament of Power is being held in [‘DBS’] to decide the fate of the universes,” Sakurada said during an interview. “Starting in October, it, at last, reaches a turning point as Goku finally faces off with his strongest opponent, Jiren. From there on out it will truly be a continuous run from Goku and co’s big battle to the climax.

Exceptional surprises coming soon

The “Dragon Ball Super” producer also said that there would be a lot more extraordinary surprises that the anime will soon deliver and asked fans to look forward to it.

Sakurada must be giving a hint that it will be the time for Goku to debut his brand new Super Saiyan transformation. We all have witnessed Jiren’s strength, but he’s been extremely silent since the Tournament of Power started. He even rejected Goku’s challenge to fight and sent the rest of the Pride Troopers instead. However, we will finally see the two rivals in action soon in the deadly martial arts tournament.

Will the King of Universes change the tournament rules?

Theories have it that the Zen-Oh might modify the tournament rules in "Dragon Ball Super" soon given the battle that Master Roshi had against Ganos from Universe 4. The Zen-Oh technically allowed the Turtle Hermit to use a bottle to seal Ganos away through his Evil Containment Wave technique. Using of weapons and killings are not allowed in the tournament, but as what the old master did, it might change anytime soon. The terrible things that the producers have teased might be about a death of a warrior.

Nonetheless, we all should expect more tear-jerking events in “Dragon Ball Super” Tournament of Power. The Zen-Oh is known for being unpredictable, and he might just decide something that will surprise everyone. What do you think?